Friday, 13 July 2012

DIY: Hair doughnut.

I'm trying to grow my hair, as you know. It's at that really awkward length where it's not short but not long, and you can put it up but there is ALWAYS a bit that is just that tiny bit too short and demands a hair grip. I bought one of those doughnut things, to make a ballerina bun, from Primark yonks ago and my hair is still just too short. So I thought, I'll improvise. Here it is, my DIY doughnut, which in fact is a sock. In my hair.

Step 1 - Cut the toes of an old sock.
Step 2  - Roll up into a doughnut shape.
Step 3 - Put your hair into a very high ponytail.
Step 4 - Slide the sock onto your hair, just like a bobble.
Step 5 - Slip a bobble over your hair, there will be bits of hair sticking out everywhere but you sort that with step 6.
Step 6 - Use hair grips to pin in the loose bit of hair, I managed to slide the grips in under the sock, to hide them. And voila! 

This is a fab way around the mid-length hair situation as the length of your hair really doesn't matter, obviously as long as you can get it in a ponytail!

Has anyone got and good hair tips for mid length hair?

Katie xx


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