Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pick n Mix.

Looking through the dregs of Topshop's sale last week I spotted a really cute long vest for a mere £3. I thought it would make a fab present if it didn't look right on me, however I've found that it is unbelievably versatile and I have made so many different outfits with this one piece.

River Island Tee//New Look Maxi Skirt//Forever 21 Lace Top//
Topshop Tee//Topshop Shirt

I think this shows how versatile this little number is. Wear with a tee for a casual look or dressed up with a sheer shirt. The last top from Topshop, I also picked up in the sale for £10, it's worth going back to Topshop sale cos they have added some more items and reduced things further, as low as £3, obviously!

Katie xx

Monday, 30 July 2012

Dancing in the dark.

Sharing my love for bling. I spotted some really cute bits in Primark last week, some really on trend pieces that are a definite must haves! I didn't pick up everything I fell for as I'd given myself a budget, but here are the three cute necklaces I did grab;

How lovely are these? And only £1.50 each! The 'K' and cross are quite chunky too, which make them look much more expensive than they are. I've also spotted these necklaces for out and about, I think Topshop stocked something much like this one at some point.

I picked up some beads when I was in Lincoln the other day and decided to make my own bracelet. I can't wait to get my hands on some more beads, I'm going Ebay shopping right now...(after I've finished this post)

There is my lovely hand-made bracelet! This cost me about £1.75 to make, happy Katie.

Katie xx


I've wanted to do a giveaway for sometime, and after I spotted Morrisa from Honey do's & Product Reviews wanted to do a joint giveaway I was straight on board! So the deal is, me and Morrisa have both provided some goodies to potentially win!

There will be only one winner, so the prizes we have got will become a joint prize! As we are from two different sides of the pond, you will receive the prizes separately, but this does allow for the giveaway to be open to the UK and USA. 

Here is what you can win;

Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub//Model's Own Emerald city
//Ciate's Velvet Manicure Set in Poncho

The boring bit;

Giveaway is open to UK & US residents only!
The closing date is Friday 10th August.

Enter below via the rafflecopter;

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!

Katie xx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Project Blogger - Prairie Charms

I was contacted by Prairie Charms a few weeks back, asking if I would like to get involved with a project they were running called Project Blogger. Of course I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them.

If you've never heard of Prairie Charms or don't know much about them, they are a cute jewellery company, that sell lovely quirky bracelets and fancy brooches. The best thing about them is they donate 10% of their sales to Great Ormond Street Hospital to help their 'Kiss it better' campaign. If this still hasn't convinced you to pop over to their website, maybe my review of the bracelet I chose, will!

'Peace comes from within'*

Look how cute the packaging is! This was wrapped with love and really adds to the experience of ordering from this company. The packaging adds a sense of personality and really makes opening the product exciting! 

The bracelet itself is so lovely. It's been well made and looks a lot more expensive than they are. I choose the Budda charm just because I like the name of the bracelet - 'Peace comes from within', but there are lots to choose from. I love that the bracelet is so versatile, you can wear it alone or with other bangles and bracelets, ready for festival season!

Check out their fab website and get ordering and help make lots of pennies for GOSH! Oh and you can follow them on Twitter @Prairie_Charms.

Katie xx

(* This bracelet costs £8, the store has jewellery starting from £6)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lovely lace and beautiful bras.

I've just got in from a hectic day in Medowhall via Lincoln. Last night we drove the AWFUL drive to Lincoln to meet the hubby's Mum (long story, she doesn't live there..). I've only been to Lincoln once before to visit my friend who does live there, but we literally went out for a night out then I drove home early the next day. So my memory of Lincoln was cobbles and a pizza shop. However, I was really impressed, it's a lovely little city with lots of vintage and quirky shops!

I didn't pick up a great deal, but we did have a lovely walk around in the sunshine and I took lots of touristy photos that I won't bore you with. I did get this cute vintage lace jackety thing though for a mere £6!

I also went into a cute bead shop, that sold all sorts of jewellery making supplies, I got some stuff to make bracelets and earrings so I'm looking forward to showing you all my masterpieces!

We stopped off at Medowhall on the way back, mainly to break up the journey, but we hadn't been to Sheffield for a while so it was nice to have a look round. You'll have seen me having a moan on Twitter about my bra size, I have a small back so really struggle to buy bras for a reasonable price. I'm forever waiting for M&S's sale. But recently I saw a blogger raving about Boux Avenue, so when I spotted it in MedowHall I had to go in.

The shop is set out in such a cute way, it's really inviting and actually makes you want to shop in the store. They have drawers full of different sizes so if yours isn't on the hanger it could be in a drawer. I really enjoyed exploring, and enjoyed even more trying on, so I couldn't resist taking some pics of the fitting room, don't worry there are no explicit photos!

Look at the little buttons, you can choose what lighting you would like to try your underwear on in, so if the day light is to harsh switch to night or dusk! I was so impressed with their all round service and tweeted @bouxavenue to say thank you. If you have a Boux Avenue near you and haven't been in, have a nosey it's a lovely store and I garentee you'll want to buy something.

Lastly, they have gorgeous packaging and genuinely make you want to shop there again and again, the cashier also popped some scented rose petals in my bag too, so now my underwear drawer smells yummy!

Katie x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Let the cows live.

If I wasn't wanting to be a Nurse, I would most likely want to work in the fashion industry. My obsession with fashion mags, websites and blogs is unhealthy. I am constantly looking at other people when I'm out and about and checking out their OOTD. I am usually in awe of the style and individuality people have. Manchester is such a diverse city you can see all sorts of fashion just relaxing in Piccadilly gardens or wandering around the art gallery.

Vogue, Elle and Company are my go-to mags. I LOVE Companies High Street Edit which allows minions like me to find clothes that a right on trend without the HUGE designer price tag. I picked up this months (Aug 12) Vogue today, to find their future trends mag attached. I just casually flicked through and saw some fab up and coming trends but a few that slightly worried me. Leather and fur.

You know I'm veggie and strive to be as animal-friendly as possible. The idea of wearing a dead animal on my back really freaks me out. I can understand the leather thing to a certain extent, although I would never purchase a real leather jacket and prefer it's younger sister Pleather (plastic leather), I can see why people buy them. Leather is a long lasting, durable material, but at the end of the day all I can hear when I see a leather item is 'Moo'. I have a major love for Cows and their huge eyes, I totally wish you could keep them as pets.

The major thing that worries me is fur. I have never and will never condone the use of fur to make anything, fashion or no fashion, it's just not right. Faux fur - I'm all for faux fur, but never the real deal. I just can't understand why fur is still thought of as such a luxury product, what part of wearing an innocent animals skin is luxury? My fear is fur is coming back, with a vengeance. I noticed it creeping back onto the highstreet last Winter, fur coats were the in 'thing' but by the look of Vogue's fashion forecasting it looks to be coming back bigger and badder than ever before. I just hope that those wanting to buy real fur, take a millisecond just to consider what innocent animal has suffered just for their vanity.

Rant over.

Image from Google images

I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Katie xx

*This entire post is just MY OPINION, I hope I have not offended anyone by publishing this post, and if I have I appologise for this*

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mr A goes mad - GUEST POST

Hello all,

Mrs Atkinson has been banished to the bedroom this evening (to pack for our trip to Lincoln tomorrow) so I - Mr Atkinson - have taken her blog hostage for one night only so I can scratch the blog itch that has been irritating me for sometime. Katie raves about it and gets a strange and becoming glow about her when she is blogging and even more so when she is reading others so I am assuming it must be, in someway, good for the soul. ANYWAY, introductory ramblings aside I am actually here to discuss something serious, but so not to scare people off I will call it 'semi serious' and hope you all come along for the ride.

Jon Richardson: A Little Bit OCD

Those of you who pay close attention will be aware that my beautiful wife is to begin her training as a mental health nurse in September. She is an incredibly brave and courageous woman to be embarking on a career such as this and it make me very proud that she is going to be doing something so worthwhile and that many would not even entertain. For this reason we have tuned into the '4 GOES MAD' season with keen interest. Not only because of my goodwife's future career goals but because I have had a 20 year on and off relationship with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and I was keen to indulge my own ego and see if I had indeed been as successful with my battles as think I have.

Interestingly - to me anyway - this linked nicely with '8/10 Cats' star Jon Richardson's documentary on the subject where he would address his own obsessive compulsive tendencies and come to a concrete understanding of his own 'quirks' and 'foibles' to see whether he did or didn't have a mental health concern. Tuning in I was very excited as I have always been a strong believer that mental health - in any form - does not get the coverage that it deserves and the only champion of the mental health cause is Stan 'I kicked Ulrika Johnsson's head in' Collymore (perhaps not the ideal candidate to raise the profile.) However, I was in no way prepared for what I witnessed. I found the show a difficult watch and a periods during the show I found myself feeling awkward and uncomfortable at what I was watching, not because the show was badly made, presented or produced (as I half expected) but because I was in a situation where I have to face up to my own behaviour and actions of the last 20years. For someone who does not enjoy attracting attention or thinking about themselves (although this post probably suggests otherwise) this would exceptionally difficult, in the most part this was because of the guilt that I felt at having being able to re-establish a fulfilled and functional life whereas the cases I was witnessing on the TV were those of people who had not been so lucky.

Through the course of the show Jon Richardson showed himself to be an incredibly genuine presenter and demonstrated obvious care, compassion and respect for those who he was talking to. He also was wary about self diagnosing and showing the disorder in a comical light (which in all honesty would be quite easy.) The stories in the show were moving and showed that more needs to be done to increase awareness of mental health as a whole and not just box it away in a file marked 'awkward' and never talked about it again. Through a lifetime it is said that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue so why is it so rarely discussed and why, when it is, is it talked about with such scorn and dismissed as not important or not real?

My only concern with the Channel 4 series on mental health is that the shows have been put on a times that are not accessible to many and (actually I have a second concern) the titling of the series of programmes as 4 GOES MAD. But if the response to the shows are strong enough I would hope that the themes could be revisited by many channels and in other ways.

Ranting and rambling in a nonsensical and incoherent way is something that Mrs A has become use to and the fact that she puts up with it and me (I wouldn't) shows that I am a very lucky man. How in the land she does it I will never know.

If you found this vaguely interesting please follow me on Twitter @ja1507 and below I will post some links that may be of further interest to you.



@ocd_memoir - A great tweeter aiming to raise OCD awareness.
OCDACTION:  - The only OCD charity

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A new family member.

If you are one of my Twitter followers (@Katieatki) you will already know I've FINALLY purchased a new Netbook. I've always had laptops, but to be honest a decent one wasn't in my price range, and I wanted something a little more portable. So after much deliberation, and asking anyone that knows anything about technology, I settled for a Netbook.

The keyboard is so tiny, so bear with me if I leave random /'.#; everywhere, whilst I get to grips with this tiddler. But I am pleased to say, so far so good, and I am now free to roam without having to prop my screen up against anything I can get my hands on. I'm really pleased that this is portable enough to come on the train to uni with me, but yet big enough to write an essay on (when I work out this keyboard!).

Here she is, everyone say Hi to Ruby...I think the name is self-explanitory;

Katie & Poppy xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

I keep my heart protected, far away from my sleeve.

I think I actually remember the episode of Dragon's Den where the Tangle Teezer was first introduced to us. There was a period where it wasn't around, then suddenly the Tangle Teezer was everywhere. From hair salons to drug stores, but up until now I hadn't got my hands on one.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair I love the colour of it (at the moment) but hate how it breaks so easily. My bleach blonde days were not kind to my locks! It's slowly getting back to a healthy condition, through lots and lots of hair masks and less heat. I know it's a big no-no using a brush on wet hair but I have a terrible habit of loosing combs, so this ha certainly not helped with the condition of my hair either! So last week I FINALLY managed to get myself a Tangle Teezer, to sort my barnet out!

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen one of these babies before, I won't bore you with explaining how they work cos it's self-explanatory. But look its orange!!! Anywho, I ordered it offline and got it for a pretty decent price, £7.96 with free P&P from here, the RRP is around £10-£12 so I thought this was quite a good deal! The company I bought it off were really good too, and I received my purchase within two days.

Why I love the TT - It's so easy to use, it's compact, a pretty colour. It's also very comfy in your hand. I have noticed a lot less breakage in my hair to, my hair brush is covered in hair, but I've used this several times now and there isn't a hair on it. I've used it on both wet and dry hair and it's worked really well with both, its doesn't hank on knots in your hair but cuts through them and keeps your hair tangle free!

Something I don't love so much - It NEEDS a cover to protect the bristles, you can buy ones with the protective cover but I didn't stretch my budget that far. The only other thing is, I've had to use my hairbrush just to get my partain (dunno how to spell) straight.  But other than that, this is a fab purchase.

I can't wait till my hair gets to the annoying length where it knots in the same place ALL the time, I think this is when the TT will come into it's own. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone that has problem hair like mine, or even for those that find it difficult to control. It is extremely good at resolving knotty hair and makes brushing wet hair a walk in the park.

Katie xx

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Today was the day. Forever 21 FINALLY came to Manchester. I've been so excited about this since they put the advert up in the Trafford Centre about 2 months ago, I've been looking out to see when they put their opening date up. And of course they opened on the 21st of July.

I didn't go down first thing, cos for one it was sunny and I wanted to make the most of the day and two it was probably manic. It was pretty busy when I got there about 2ish. I've never bought anything from Forever 21 before, you know I have a thing about paying P&P and as I didn't know their sizes I couldn't be bothered with the whole returns faff on. So I waited patiently for the shop to come to me. And man I wasn't disappointed. For those who have never bought anything from the website or in store, it's kinda H&M price range I would say, but a bit more high quality?! I got some fab things, which of course I am going to show you. I also got a free £5 voucher for spending over £40. I actually spent £40.85.

Yes I am one of those sad people who takes photos of shops.. I really wanted to get a pic of inside, but I thought whipping my massive camera out wouldn't have been too discreet. I LOVE they black lace-esk tee, it's so flattering on too. I'm trying to develop a uni wardrobe, by the time my ASOS stuff arrives I think I'll be nearly complete!

Katie xx

P.S check out my Ebay just getting rid of a few things inc Marni for H&M tee and a Vintage beaded top!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Favourites.

Friday Favourites.

Just a few Friday favourites that I'm lusting after! Man I need to win the lottery!

Katie xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012


It's been a while since I ordered my first Graze box. And by that I mean about a year or so. I discovered Graze by accident, I think I saw it advertised in a magazine of some sort. For those that don't know what Graze is, it's a box you order either twice a week, or weekly or as a one off, which instead of the likes of your beauty boxes etc. they send you snacks. All Graze snacks are natural and the idea is to help promote healthy 'grazing' throughout the day.

In the past I've received all sorts from flapjacks to Brazil nuts, but being gluten-free I've had to eliminate a lot of the goodies. I was pretty gutted but I've been quite lucky with this box! The beauty of it is, you can 'bin' items you never want them to send, and favourite other items that you would like to try!

In this box I got;

Marverllous Macaroon - White chocolate, amaretti drops, almond slices and coconut.

Salsa Mexicanos - Coriander and lime salsa with rice biscuit things.

Millionaire's Shortbread - Milk chocolate, almonds, cranberries and fudge.

Mississippi Barbeque Pistachios - Self explanatory!

I'm taking this to work tomorrow to have a good nibble on, I think it's a fab idea if you work long shifts and unsociable hours like me. The last thing you want at 6am is a full breakfast so a few almonds will keep me going. I'm not convinced I would order a Graze box EVERY week but that probably cos I change my mind about what I like to eat, like the weather.

The box should cost £3.89 including P&P so it's not a bad deal at all, I got this one free as a 'welcome back' incentive and you can also claim your FREE box here using this code CTV3M2JD, so get grazing!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Untitled #1

Okay, so I've just discovered Polyvore. I don't know if this is one of those moments where the rest of the world knew about this and I'm last to find out, or if this is a fairly new thing?! So for the benefit of those not in the 'know', basically it's a website to create collages, of clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes and other things. This is my first attempt so bear with me, cos it's a bit rubbish but you get the drift. I also don't know how to search the English versions of the likes of Topshop, or if you can at all.. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. It also allows you to send you collage to Blogger and other social networking sites, and even does you label tags for you!

I'm hoping after a little more playing around I can come up with a few more collages, I particularly wanted to show you the goodies in my basket at ASOS waiting for payday tomorrow. But for now these pieces will have to do, so products I'm lusting after!

Katie xx


What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Firstly I am SOOOOOOOO excited. I've just received my Fresher's timetable for September!!! I am unbelievably excited to go and be a student again. For those that don't know I'm starting Mental Health Nursing at UCLan, I have a foundation degree in Art (I know a little different) but I studied at a College so haven't had the 'proper' University welcome in a long time!

Moving on, I know I've been pretty crappy with beauty/fashion posts recently, and I've probably bored you to death with my not-so interesting life, but this is the last 'here is my life' post. Yesterday was the hubby's graduation from Manchester Met, he is now officially a teacher. This is kinda a big deal, not just that he's graduated but at the end of the day, the reason we moved to the North West was entirely for his PGCE. It's strange thinking now we have made our life here, when at some point, although we never really discussed it, we both probably thought it was a temporary move. But yet here we are, for the next three years, at least.

I'm so proud of the Mr, he's done so well, and would be very pleased if he knew I was sharing the fact he got the highest mark in his PGCE.

Oh, one more thing I am excited about, after my book review the author Paige Toon tweeted me! I know small things, please small minds... follow me @KatieAtki

Katie xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Book review - One Perfect Summer.

I've shared my love for reading before. I love it even more now I have my Kindle and I don't have to cart a heavy book around, although I do miss the smell of a new book.

After finishing Fifty Shades and coming to terms with Mr Grey no longer being in my life, I went on the search for another book. It didn't take me long after searching for my favourite author -Paige Toon and discovering she had a new book out. I've raved about her reads before and how much I love them and of course this book is no exception.

I'll give a quick synopsis; The story is 'One Perfect Summer',the main character is Alice, she goes away on holiday, meets a boy Joe, you know same old..but then the worst happens and she looses the love of her life (he doesn't die or anything to dramatic!). The story then fast forwards to her new life at university, meeting new people and falling in love with Lukas. Lukas comes with complications, his family don't approve of Alice and they have what I see as a strange relationship, not really talking, etc. And Joe is always on Alice's mind.

 I'm currently 75% of the way through so I can't tell you how it ends, plus I don't want to spoil it. But this is a fast-paced, light hearted, chick-lit, that would be the perfect holiday read. I'm pretty slow at reading usually but it's only taken me a week to get this far, so in my eyes, it must be good!

Has anyone got and must-reads for me I need a new book, after I've finished this one?!

Katie xx

Monday, 16 July 2012

I don't know how I can do without.

Time to bore you all with slushyness. I have had such a fab weekend, I'm pretty gutted Jonathan is at work today. But hey ho, I'm not back till Friday so I can enjoy some me time!

We decided to celebrate our anniversary properly on Saturday, so it wasn't a school night and we weren't thinking one of us needed to be up the next day. We booked a table at Red Hot World Buffet about a month ago, neither of us had been before and we were so excited (I know we are sad), we'd also booked a hotel at Salford Quays to make the night a bit more special. And so I could go on a tram.. We spent the day at Duham Massey, a country house and gardens in Altrincham, I got so excited cos the deer are just roaming around not flustered by people at all, so I got lots of Bambi pictures.

We enjoyed a few cocktails before buffet time, now seriously if you have never been to this buffet place you MUST go, there is on in Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and some other places I can't remember. You literally have the choice of whichever cuisine takes your fancy -  Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Tex Mex, and the desert selection was AMAZING. I ate far too much and was naughty and didn't stick to my Gluten-free diet (but it was a special occasion, and I did pay for it yesterday).

Then we had a pretty chilled day yesterday, we popped to Cheshire Oaks to try find some bargains, we were pretty disappointed with the selection though, I think we were maybe a little too late for the sales. Then we came home and CHILLED, which was very much needed.

Me and Bambi//Look at the size of that bed!!//Tram//
My KG's made an appearance//Mr and Mrs//
One of my 'Paper Wedding Anniversary' presents//Our Cards <3

I hope your all cheesed out now!

Katie xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Our soul mate is the one who makes life, come to life.

Right, so I've never done a scheduled post before, so here goes.

Today is exactly 366 days (leap year), since I got married. Yes, that's right guys it's our 1st Wedding Anniversary. On 15/07/11 at 12pm, I became Mrs Atkinson. I won't bore you with this weekends schedule yet, I'll leave that til tomorrow. But just thought as I wasn't blogging before I got married, I would share a few wedding snaps with you. WARNING: this is very photo heavy!

Top to bottom; Cake and my flowers (they had died a little by this point)//
Me and Pops//Me and my gorgeous bridesmaids//The hubby and I//
My friends and the Mr's friends//
Outside The George, Piercebridge//Honeymoon; Budapest//
Jonathan getting into the Hungarian culture//Last day in Buda

As you can see the sun came out for our Wedding day, in fact I'm pretty sure that was the first and last time we saw the sun last July. I hope you don't mind me sharing all these photos with you, I just wanted to show what a gorgeous day we had. To be honest, you all got off lightly, if I'd had my way I'd have uploaded all 6 albums...maybe next year. 

I am very proud to say I have been Mrs Atkinson for a whole year. Here's to the next 100.

Katie xx

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