Friday, 29 June 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

This evening, sadly, I made the decision to remove my nose stud. After about 4 months (maybe?!) of having it in, I've taken it out. I've never had any problems with a piercing healing properly before, but for some reason, probs cos I knocked it ALL of the time, this just wouldn't heal. It has developed scar tissue around, which I know would go eventually but it's causing more damage than it's worth and also appears to be migrating. My nose feels so strange right now, like it's free, I can finally blow it properly!

Anyway because I've had to say goodbye to one modification, I am hoping to say hello to another. I am DESPERATE for another tattoo, but have made and agreement with the hubby to wait until he starts his new job in September so we have some more pennies. I think I know exactly what I want and where I want it which is always a good thing! I do have two other tattoos already but it's SOOOOO addictive I need want more. I'm trying to be super patient until September, maybe I'll have to get another piercing before then..any ideas?! Another in my ears somewhere I think..

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I'm wanting a butterfly on the inside of my ankle on my right leg (yes, I've thought about this). I love all of these designs, but I ideally want one just like the last image (the big butterfly) but obviously smaller. I love the look of coloured tattoos but I don't like the idea of it fading as I know people that this has happened too. So I think I will stick with just the black outline like my others. 

Let me know what you think, and maybe suggest some other places on my ears to get pierced to feed my addiction!!

Katie xx



  1. the second tattoo is so pretty, maybe a few on your ankle?xx

  2. I love that last butterfly tattoo - I love ones that run up the back from the hip. Gorgeous. With regards to the colour fading it does happen, but if you look after it well when it's healing that can help a lot with how it'll look in the future. I always cover my tattoos in tonnes of sun lotion if i'm out an about too in the vain hope that that will additionally help stop the fading!

  3. Butterflies are so pretty. How visible do you want them to be? That position on the neck is very sweet, and you can cover them up easily.

  4. I love the second picture A LOT. I like tattoos that you can hide easily if you want to and definitely agree with black over colour. I think colour tattoos look kind of tacky after they have faded!! I'll be excited to see it when it's done. Would love it if you could check out my latest blog post and give your opinion :)

  5. Thanks for the comment you left me on my tattoo post !!! I follow you now

  6. My nose piercing has caused me so much trouble too.

    I've had it since December and I swear it should have healed my now but it hurts a lot sometimes even if I just knock it really gently. Probably due to the fact I've accidently ripped it from my nose while drying my face with a towel a few times. Oops!

    I really like the first tattoo !:)



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