Friday, 8 June 2012

Stroke of luck.

I'm officially old today! I REALLY wasn't looking forward to my birthday this year for some reason, and to be honest I've had an eventful day! Firstly, this was the first year ever that I've had to wear a winter coat..why when I was doing my GCSE's did it not chuck it down like today, instead of being scorching hot?! Typical.

I was a little bit devastated when I saw the rain, we'd been planning to go to Southport for weeks and although the rain doesn't usually stop us, I just really couldn't bare the cold today. So we popped to Liverpool instead. Incident number one; we got the wrong-ish metro and had to change about 5000 times to eventually get to the city centre. Number two; my feet were so sore from walking around York yesterday and I couldn't find any plasters for my blisters, plus I'd put my new Vans on, not a great combination. Then comes the worst incident..I got pooed on. By a seagull. Not impressed AT ALL. The worst part was I didn't have anything in my bag to wipe it off with, other than a sanitary towel. I must have looked a right sight with poo in my hair, so I ended up in a museum toilet rinsing the awful smell out of my locks. Soap does NOT clean poo outta your hair, just for the record. Thank god for bobbles and I've actually never been happier for it to chuck it down on my hair. This unfortunately happened just as we arrived so I was poo-head for the rest of the day. Thankfully the hairdressers had an appointment tonight so I could get my hair sorted out. Not the best of days..rant over.

After the trauma I managed to cheer up and go for a try on sesh in Topshop. I got some vouchers so I needed wanted to spend them. I didn't get anything in the end cos I wasn't loving much apart from the leggings but I figured I could DIY them.

These photos make me feel so pale, I NEED a tan desperados.

Just a few photo pics from the week..

Me getting excited//Gluten free homemade cupcakes (by my Mama's friend)
//Lots of nice pressies - Kindle!!!

Katie xx


  1. Happy Birthday! If it's any consolation it's supposed to be good luck to get pooed on by a bird :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

  2. happy birthday! i love the skirt and tie dye dress xx

  3. Those tie dye pieces are lovely Katie :)

  4. Kindle, once owned ...a must have forever!!



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