Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shower me with roses.

I've been looking for a mew perfume for a while. I was struggling to find one that I liked, but that was also animal friendly. The mother in law wanted a few things from the Body Shop when we went shopping last week, so I popped in and tried a few of their scents. I fell in love with Neroli Jasmine EDT, but as it was the day before my birthday I thought I would hang on and buy a bottle with my birthday money.

This proved a LOT more difficult than I anticipated. I literally hunted in every Body Shop store I could, to find they were all sold out. Eventually I began to give up, when the sales assistant explained that the perfume was being revamped and this current one was being discontinued, plus had been on promo the week before - hence the reason I couldn't get hold of any. The cashier was really helpful and offered to ring round as many stores as I could think of, but with no luck. She eventually gave up too, but saved the day when she asked if I would like her to open one of the gift sets in store that had the perfume in. So after a lot of effort and visits to many Body Shop's in the North West I finally got my bottle!

I can't really describe the smell, it's kind of musky, floraly niceness. It's not over powering but not to subtle at the same time and smells much more expensive than £9 for 30ml. It is really fab that it lasts all day, without the need for a top up. The lady explained that they are changing the make up of the scent, that's why it's been discontinued, but I really hope they don't change it too much. It's is definitely a time less classic.

Katie x


  1. I have the purple one called white musk by the body shop and I love it! They're quite affordable too! x

  2. mhh .. sounds great!

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  3. Ooooo I like! Great post :)
    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)

  4. I have a new LOVE for the body shop!! Im looking forward to buying myself White Musk in the purple bottle. And was only £9 at the time, maybe this was at the time of the promo? Lovely!!




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