Friday, 1 June 2012

Remember me, I'm going to be famous.

I was so excited to go shopping today, and of course the predictable situation occurred. I wanted to spend money, but was there anything I wanted? Was there nelly. I did however pick up some exciting freebies with my mags from WHSmith. Oh and a Euro Millions tickets, fingers crossed!

So firstly I picked up Elle, I don't love this mag but, as you know, I love a freebie so I couldn't resist when I saw this free Reiss vest. I would say it's about a size 10 ish, so it'll be a little oversized on me, but nevertheless it's really cute and a fab give away! I love the cute patriotic detail on the back too, I'm kinda tempted to crack it out for Jubilee day!

Secondly, I picked up Marie Claire. Now I do love this mag, it has some really interesting reads in, and isn't just filled with clothes/shoes/bags that I will never be able to afford. (Unless of course I win Euro Millions tonight). This is actually an intellectual read and gives you a few things to think about! And look what you get free, a full sized Ciate bottle of nail varnish. You can choose from three colours, there's this one (bon bon) then a pastel purple and a bright pink. I picked up this one cos it's neutral and feminine, and also didn't feel guilty as Ciate don't test on animals, okay I did have a sneaky check before I bought it..

Anymore cool freebies I should know about?

Katie xx



  1. i love ciate nail polish. they always have such pretty colours. yours is just lovely :) x

  2. That always happens to me i have money to spend but i cant see anything nice to buy. Then when i don't have money i want everything i see. Typical
    Fibi x

  3. i like the tee:)

    im having a little sale -

  4. Ha I bought Elle just for the ciate nail polish too. Got to love a good old freebie xx

  5. Hope both these offers are still on!! x


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