Sunday, 3 June 2012

Paint the town floral.

I love Sunday mornings, especially when I'm not at work. I've just been for a run, in the rain, but somehow it doesn't seem to matter cos it's so peaceful this early on. Over the 2 miles I saw 4 cars driving, wouldn't the world be so much nicer if it was realistic to walk/run everywhere.

Moving on.. I'm quite disappointed it isn't dry today, as you know we planned a BBQ which will probably now turn into a takeaway and drinks. I'm a little gutted cos the weather was gorgeous this time last week, but that England for you! We're going to be very packed, there's going to be about 15 of us trying to squeeze in my 2-bed flat. But I'm sure we will all have fun anyway, the rain has never stopped us before!

So I've been umming and ahhhring over what to wear today. I kinda wanted to get something red, white or blue to be patriotic and all that, but to be honest I don't like all this ''union jack printed all over me'' look. I ordered a couple of things offline thinking that nothing would arrive till Wednesday cos of the bank holiday, but I was pleasantly surprised when a parcel arrived yesterday.

I ordered these from Funky Divaa last week, when I spotted they were celebrating their first birthday by give 50% off! So these babies only cost me £10! The code is BDAY50 but it runs out TODAY so you need to be super speedy to grab a bargain. I'll be honest I'd never heard of this website before but spotted it on someone's blog, the clothes are fab, I'll defiantly be picking something else up before the discount runs out!

Katie x


  1. Need to get on Funky Diva, that 50% off is amazing! xx

  2. those dungarees are amazing!xo

  3. I love the print! It can go with anything, This is gorgeous! Just found your blog! would you like to follow each other? :)

  4. Wow, I'm totally in love with the pattern of those dungarees! I need that in my closet! :)

  5. Ooooooh these are lovely!
    Hannah xo


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