Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's beautiful people like you, that get whatever they want.

We've had a lovely day in York today, despite the rain. Surely I shouldn't be wearing a jumper in June?! I did get some exciting purchases though and probably spent more than I should have.

Shirt - Random pop-up shop//Jumper - Next//
Jeans - Primark

So this is what I wore. I LOVE the collar on this top but don't really like the rest of it! It's quite baggy and has some weird waterfall shape but at the front (it's hard to explain), but it looks cute under a jumper. 

Hubby making himself at home on the train// Ticket//
Far too much shopping//Yey, Gluten Free biccy's from the market!

Just some random snaps from our day, I didn't get too snap happy as we met up with the mother and sister in laws, so I didn't want to go too crazy. But now for the best part of the day..

So as some of you know, I've featured Vans on a few wishlists and I've been after a pair for a while. I was going to get some at the weekend with my birthday pennies but got some (with discount!! today). To cut a long story short, my mother in law received some bad service in Office, complained and was basically told that she could have 25% off any of the footwear. So we thought, they must just mean one pair of shoes, turns out it was as meany as she wanted. There was an offer I couldn't refuse, so I got these babies for £30 something pounds instead of £45! I'm soooo excited about these, plus I had to get one shoe size smaller than usual so my feet look in proportion to my body too! Bonus. I'm hoping I can crack these out tomorrow, when we trek to Southport Food and Drink Fest. Fingers crossed the weather cheers up a bit, but to be honest for some reason it is tradition to go to Southy P when it rains... 

Katie xx


  1. I really like the collar on your top :) I've recently been on a gluten free diet and I didn't think much to the food I found!

    Tanesha x

  2. love the collar! and the colour of your vans is sweet xx

  3. the shirt is definitely worth keeping for the collar, so cute! xx

  4. Love the shirt, you look great x

  5. i have also wanted some vans in that colour for ages!! x

  6. Love the collar!

  7. I love the collar! It is so beautiful!



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