Saturday, 9 June 2012

I need your help..

I need some advice. As you know I've been running 3 times a week for the past few months. I'm veggie and have recently had to remove gluten from my diet (trust me, this wouldn't have been my choice!). But I just seem to be putting on weight.

I don't have any scales at home so I'm unaware of exactly how much I weigh but I know it's around 8st. I know this doesn't sound a lot but I'm only 5"2" so I'm petite anyway. I just feel like I'm stuck in a rut and I constantly eat because I convince myself I'm hungry. I don't know if it's just cos I've been off work this week/it was my birthday but I have eaten crap ALL week. I'm really going to try and eat properly from tomorrow, but we are going out for my birthday tonight so I'm wasting my time convincing myself I'm going to eat well today.

I have been blessed with a fast metabolism, but I'm not stupid enough to think that it will last forever, so I really want to do something about my cravings for sugar now. I am strict with myself when it comes to crisps and chocolate, the rule is one chocolate bar a day and the same with a packet of crisps (though I very rarely eat them). But I need sugar, I have such a sweet tooth it's driving me mad. I love fruit but it's so expensive and I'm the only one who eats it, so by the time I get to the end of the bunch/bag they're out of date. I really want some advice on how I can get my sugar fix, without filling myself full of sweets? High cholesterol runs in my family too so I need to do this for the health of my heart as well as my figure.

I want to tone up too, but I can't afford to go to Zumba twice a week or join a gym, hence the running thing. I won't give up running but I think I need something along side it, to try and burn a few more calories and get my fit.

I would some advice about this, ways to fill myself up without the sugar/fat, and to exercises or reasonably priced fitness/dance classes in the Wigan/Bolton area..


Katie xx


  1. aww i understand your pain regarding sugar! i'm veggie also. you should really just aim to get more fruit into your diet. i know you say it's expensive (true) but fruit which is going out of date is perfect for smoothies! they're really filling as well because you can put so much into them. maybe have a look at this blog for fitness/nutrition inspiration: her workout videos are great xx

  2. Fruit and veg is a lot cheaper if you buy it individually and get it weighed rather than buying it prepacked in a bag (eg I can usually get a week's worth of bananas for about 60p) and then it doesn't go off cos you know how much you'll need. Like Claire above said smoothies are great, I usually make up a batch of smoothies on a Sunday and have them for breakfast so even if you don't have any more fruit/ veg throughout the day at least you've had that.

    Laila x

  3. Fellow veggie be warned the fast metabolism! I had a rockin' body till I hit 21, then I ballooned :( For the sugar fix try Mentos fruity/rainbow - they're super sugary, chewy (gives you something to do!) and after a while you will defo feel like you've had enough so you'll just stop! And drink more water, that is best advice in the world!


  4. Hey :) I'm also a veggie and at the moment can seem to eat what I want but also worry about later on in life and my health! I find having fruit (Pineapple & strawberries work best for me) with a few melted cubes of good chocolate a lovely treat and I feel like I have had the most sugary thing ever. Also it means your having fruit and not even a whole bar of chocolate! Also try cooking banana muffins with less sugar but a little honey or choc chips etc or maybe mixing honey and low fat yogurt etc. If you come up with something that is yummy but better for my health then please let me know :)

    Tanesha x


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