Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I missed you.

Appologies for being AWOL the last few days, I won't bore you the details but I've not really had the time to blog. Not much has happened considering I've not blogger for a few days, I am in sunny Middlesbrough at the moment though, with my Mum's dog perched on the sofa like a cat...I would show you, but my sister's rubbish laptop will not take my Scan Disk, urgh.

Sale's seem to have appeared EVERYWHERE at the moment, which is fab when I've just been paid. Today will be the first time I can properly go sale shopping in Boro but I have had a sneek peek online and found some cute things. So here is my best sale picks..(by that I mean my best sale picks from Topshop and ASOS, cos this stupid computer will not allow me to do ANYHTING!)

Top 4 items - Topshop//Bottom 3 items - ASOS

I'm loving the fact that they have actually bothered to put 'on trend' things in the sale, usually they decide they wanna get rid of their back log of rubbish clothes and just discount them! It's nice to see a lot of summery clothes in the sales too, if your going on holiday this is literally the perfect time to shop! (But please don't tell me about it, cos I will be unbelieveably jealous and may cry.)

Oh I did have a lovely night out in Manchester on Saturday, my hangover/10 hour shift on Sunday did contribute to the lack of blogging..

Katie xx

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  1. the outfit set above is a must have, its super cute



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