Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Handbags and the Gladrags.

I should not be allowed to go shopping with my little sister.. I don't see her that often so when I do, I feel the need to spend money. She's going away for 2 weeks next month, for work experience in Spain (well jel..) and she needed some holiday clothes. She spent all her money in Primark, where else? And got some fab stuff, but so did I. I then paid for some very expensive jacket potatoes and some other shorts she saw and loved, how could I say no? Anyway we had a lovely day and was nice to catch up properly, just us two.

All from Primark

I love these cute sheer vest/blouse things. They are fab for the summer to just throw on over a vest top to transform an outfit from day to night. They were only a tiny £5 each in Primark's sale too, so even more to get excited about. 

This belt is so cute too, it'll look perfect with my camo jacket and denim shorts. I love the stud detail it's feminine but masculine at the same time! (£3)

Lastly, how amazing is this bag?! It reminds me of bags I've seen from top designers. It is so on trend, and huge so you can literally get your life in it. They also had it in brown too, maybe I should pick that one up as well cos it's so versatile. This is my most exciting purchase of late, and for £12 you can't grumble!

Katie xx


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