Monday, 4 June 2012

God save the Queen.

Happy Jubilee Weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying the celebrations. We had our indoor bbq last night, the rain thankfully didn't spoil our fun! Everyone had a good time and there were no fall outs when people got too tipsy, which is always good. But typically the sun is back out today and the weather is a lot warmer too, never mind eh?!

Here's what I wore..

Dungarees - Funky Divaa//Vest - Reiss via Elle//
Cardigan - Primark//Necklace - Miss Selfridge//
Brooch - Birthday present

My dungarees made their debut, they were really comfy, until I drank too much and needed the loo ever 5 seconds, so ended up getting changed into something more toilet friendly! We also played the cereal box game which involved a lot of flexibility which the dungarees aren't great for!

Me playing the cereal box game//Being patriotic//
My homies
And of course no night would be complete without a car drama. My friend has the WORST luck with cars, this is the second time her we've had to give the breakdown people a call when she has driven. Her poor car is now deserted outside my house while she is back in the North East. Trust it to be a bank holiday! 

Good job the men were there to try and resolve the situation, but sadly it was more complicated than a flat tire so it'll have to wait to be fixed after the Jubilee is over! Never mind, she was very luck her tire didn't pop when they were driving along a motorway!

Has everyone had an eventful weekend?

Katie xx


  1. Love the dungarees, they look lovely!

  2. aww what a cute dungarees, you look lovely!
    your weekend sounds a lot better than mine, haha things like cars breaking down always have to happen on bank holidays! x

  3. I LOVE your dungarees, and the brooch is such a cute addition :)

    e x

  4. I LOVE your dungarees!

    The brooch is adorable too. xx


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