Saturday, 23 June 2012

The animals came in two by two.

I just wanted to share my two most recent loves. Firstly, after looking for shoes for an eternity I gave up and of course found something different to buy. Wow, there are sales EVERYWHERE, but I only purchased from H&M.

BUNNIES!! Yes, I probably looked like the saddest person in the world purchasing this in my Pets at Home uniform.. But it is just too cute. I saw the dress version ages ago but never got round to buying it, but I think the skirt is better for me anyway!

Secondly, this is the best thing I have EVER discovered..

Okay, so I found this via someones blogs (sorry I can't remember who's). Basically this is a treatment used a lot in Asian countries and common in Africa. It hasn't quite reached the UK and the US properly yet. I ordered this from Ebay, although it was posted from somewhere in England. I'm sure you've heard me ranting about having the skin of a 13 year old, I've always has acne from about year 7, I literally haven't left the house without make up since then. I have scars on my face now and only tend to get the odd pimple but it still gets to me, but this stuff seems to have cleared my skin in only a few day.

I had a bit of a break out on my forehead earlier this week - just in time for a night out tonight.. I received this on Wednesday and jobs a gooden' my skin is practically cleared. I've been using it to reduce the scar on my nose from my nose stud, and that has shrunk dramatically!

Firstly if you have sensitive skin, follow the instruction and dilute this with Vaseline. It does tingle a little, I wouldn't say stings but it is a weird sensation. It also STINKS cos of the Sulphur in it, kinda like eggs.. I use this twice a day and I'm happy to say it hasn't dried out my skin like other acne treatments, plus you can use it under make-up! A life saver!

Katie xx


  1. That skin stuff sounds amazing! Do you have the link to the ebay seller you got it from? x

  2. Your bunny skirt is too adorable! Very jealous you work in Pets At Home I love it there haha xxx

  3. like your blog dear
    keep posting and go for it!!


  4. Wow! Great post on two unrelated items...makes for an interesting read!

    From your newest follower : )

    --The Beauty Professor

  5. Beautiful dress!! And thanks for the heads up on that cream. That's what I Love about blogs. Sharing the wealth!

    Hope you're doing Lovely,
    That Girl in Pearls

  6. The skin stuff sounds like something I need to get my hands on!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    Natasha Carly x


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