Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tie me up.

I've literally been seeing tie-dye EVERYWHERE. I'm loving the trend and have picked up a few pieces for myself. I'm also really keen to tie-dye some of my own things (or charity shop £1 buys!) but I'm still on the hunt for a dye that hasn't been tested on animals. I've read up about using vegetables for dying, like beetroot or red onion so I think I will give that a go at some point and let you all know how it goes! My studs that I ordered have finally arrived, so when I've decorated my bleached shorts I will let you all see!

Anyway, seen as though I haven't quite got round to tie-dying my own things, I thought I would show you my pick of the best tie-dyes on the highstreet at the moment;

Shorts - H&M

Vest - Topshop

Shirt - ASOS

Shorts - Topshop

Blouse - H&M

Shorts - ASOS

Dress - Miss Selfridge

Are you loving the tie-dye trend? Got any tips for tie-dying for me?

Katie xx


  1. Ahhh tie-dying is so much fun, would love to do a DIY too :D

  2. that topshop vest is SO CUTE! I'm totally into the dipdye/tie dye trend too; perfect for summer!

    XO Sahra

  3. I love this trend. The second and the third clothes are the best for me.


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