Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stars in my eyes.

I got so burnt yesterday. I actually was sensible and used sun cream but some how the sun managed to make it's way through and frazzle me. My legs were saved though as used factor 50! Sadly i'm at work til Thurday now, and I've heard it's going to start getting cooler (just in time for Jubilee celebrations, obv.) so I think I've had my share of sun probably for the year..

Anywho, we had our first bbq of the year on Friday night, then we took a road trip to Bradford yesterday for our second bbq of the year!

Veggie sausages of course!

I promised a picture when I finally got round to finishing of my DIY shorts I started a few weeks back. So here is the result.

Yey, I'm so pleased with them, and in total cost me around £3, can't grumble at that!

Katie xx



  1. aww!i love that those sausages are veggies!looks so yummy!i dont eat meat!this post made me happy!x

  2. Aww i feel you on the burning >_< Im a natural gingy so i dont even bother sitting in the sun anymore! Cool it down with yoghurt! (sounds gross i know but it works O_O)

    Your shorts look terrific! How did you do it? xx

  3. that BBQ looks so yummy and the shorts are so cool! xxx

  4. Love those shorts!
    xoxo, lvoe

  5. These shorts are just AMAZING! Really cool <3 I'd like to have such ones in my wardrobe :)
    Would U like to follow each other? ;)

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I love the little star studs! I'm burnt to a crisp too and I used factor 25 all over! :) xx

  7. Those DIY shorts are awesome! :D xx

  8. Those shorts <3 lovvvveee them!

    Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know ^^

    XX Tali

  9. They're so cool! Love your blog by the way xx

  10. I love your diy! The stars are so cool on those shorts.


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