Thursday, 31 May 2012

See the light on your face, let it shine.

I'm officially off work until the 11th of June! We seem to have done A LOT today, we popped out for lunch (which is surprisingly very hard when your gluten free and veggie), then on a whim went to seen American Pie. American Pie never gets old! We then got to see the Olympic Torch, I am sooo excited for the Olympics now!!

Yey!! It literally was there just enough time for us to get a photo, then off it went again. I'm hoping to see it when it reaches Manchester in a few weeks too!

I'm just about to DIY some more shorts, so thought I would quickly blog about my new make-up love. The make-up brand MUA has been travelling around the blogasphere for a while now, and to be honest, I've never really LOVED the products I've picked up. Of course I realise you get what you pay for, and £1 for a concealer what can you expect?! But I've found something in the range that has really converted me.

I picked up MUA blusher - shade 6, this is gorgeous. It has a really subtle gold undertone that make a shimmery look and really highlights your cheekbones. The pink colour is lovely too, not too light or ott. This reminds me of Nars blusher I tried and looks so much more expensive than £1. Plus its on 3 for 2 at the moment, I'm tempted to go buy another three, I don't this this blush will ever get old. Perfect!

Katie xx


  1. i kinda feel the same about the mua products, but that blush looks lovely!

  2. Must have been so thrilling to see the Olympic Torch - how exciting! I don't think it was really going anywhere near my home town. I found MUA to be a little hit and miss [the same can be said more so of ELF] but their nail varnishes were always pretty decent enough.


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