Saturday, 5 May 2012

The other side of the World.

Had a lovely day today. We were pleasantly surprised by the weather, it hasn't rained like we were promised, which is fine by me! We nipped to Cheshire Oaks outlet thingy, and picked up a few bargains, here's what I bought;

Okayy, I know boring running things (all I seem to be talking about!) but look at these cute shorts. I picked them up from the Warehouse Outlet for a whole £5! They had LOADS of products reduced but these were the only things that really caught my eye. I think they will look fab with a plain vest, they can be the statement piece.

This was my OOTD..

Tee - New Look//Shorts - DIY & Charity shop//
Jacket - Tesco (kids)//Scarf - Charity Shop

Ahh, too excited for these shorts. I picked up a retro pair of Lee jeans in my favourite £1 for EVERYTHING, purposely to cute up and play with. I can't wait til my studs arrive so I can add even more of my own touch to them. Also pretty scarf. <3

Random moment, but me and the hubby are determined to emigrate, not this week or year, for that matter but within the next 5 years. The Mr really wants to go to Oz, it kind if scares me but at the same time excites me to move that far from the UK. Leaving my family doesn't feel like such a big deal, with today's technology and flights are defiantly getting more reasonable. I am terrified of literally not knowing ANYONE and if I ever needed to be back home for something, it's so far away. But on the other hand, I'm young and have no ties really, to England. I would love to know your opinions on this?!?

Katie xx 


  1. those shorts look great plus must be suuper comfy! wish I could find a pair like that!
    I will be going back home to the UK in June (my family is from Bolton, although now only my grandparents live there) and I might be spending a day/afternoon in Wigan! My boyfriend who is Spanish wants to do as many towns as possible, he's super excited. Any nice places you would suggest us to visit in Wigan or surroundings? Thanks!!! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  2. I've been looking for similar shorts (the first pair) EVERYWHERE! You're so lucky to have found them for only £5! And you're planning to move to 'Oz' as in Australia? D: Wow, that'd be so far from England! Australia is a great place btw, doubt you would regret moving ^^ .. and this comment would be completely awkward if you weren't talking about Australia hehe. But nonetheless, I definitely love your outfit ~ xx

  3. Shorts are really cute, great bargain.x

  4. Australia would be amazing, I'm dying to go to Sydney!

    Love your blog, I'm following you now! I've started my blog up again and I'd love to hear what you think, please check it out if you can :)

    Bianca xx


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