Saturday, 12 May 2012

Oranges and Lemons.

For some reason, no matter how long in advance you ring to make a Doctor's appointment, it is always at the most inconvenient time. I don't appreciate having to be up at this time on my day off, but as there were no other available appointments here I am. Thought I would do a post before I get ready.

Firstly, wooo the sun is out. Finally after a few days of cloud/rain the sun has made an appearance. Hopefully, this is the start of Summer. Unlikely. 

I can't remember who's blog I was noseying at but I came across a list of DIY blogs. I love a bit of DIY cos it's usually easy on the purse strings. Anyway I discovered this blog/post - I immediately wanted to try these candles out. So the other day I had some spare satsuma's (as you do..) and I gave it a try. After two attempts, yes I'm left handed and can't use a knife, this was the result. 

I know its not perfect, but I still love it. It burned for about 2 hours, which I thought was pretty impressive. I think it could have done with some sort of scent but never mind. What a cheap way to impress your guests!

Have you got any cute DIY tips for me?

Katie xx


  1. Wow this is well cool! I'll have to make one one day! xx

  2. I love this!Its such a good idea! x


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