Friday, 11 May 2012

Magazine Debut.

REALLY quick post, I've just got in from the longest day ever. It's official I hate Vodafone (don't ask..). So apart from missing two trains home and having to wait FOREVER my phone to sort it's life out, I've had a pretty exciting day. I got a tweet this morning off Company Magazine asking if I'd seen page 18 of their new copy, of course I hadn't as I started work at 6am, so I hurried out on my lunch to find out what I was missing.

Yes ladies, those are MY genuine nails! I tweeted a pic a few weeks back and Company have printed it! I am literally so excited about this it's crazy. If you aren't already following me, come say hello @KatieAtki.

My second excitement came when I managed to get to the Post Office before it shut. I got one of those 'sorry you weren't home' cards, so had to go collect a parcel. I had no idea what it was cos everything I have ordered of Ebay etc, had either just been dispatched or had already arrived. So do you remember those lovely flatforms I ordered, that they gave me a refund for? Well apparently they had been dispatched before they gave me the refund. So basically I have received free shoes, and they don't want them back! Bonus.

How cute?! I'm really confused why you would send something before the payment had cleared, but any who its worked in my favour this time. 

Have you had any excitement today?

Katie xx



  1. Wow Congrats! That's amazing! I'd be so chuffed at being in Company, well done :) xxx

  2. Yeyey well done on being featured in the magazine!

  3. How exciting being in a magazine!! Thanks for following me :) I've started following you too! x

  4. Congratulations on your magazine debut! How exciting! Love the blog i'm now following :) xxx


  5. congrats
    those shoes are amazing so unique I LOVE CHEETAH PRINT!!
    really cool blog,you've gained a follower
    check mine out in your spare time


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