Monday, 7 May 2012

Go shorty.

I've been really excited to show you my latest DIY moment. I mentioned that I picked up some cheap jeans alongside the Lee one's to have a play with. I don't think these are quite finished but you get the idea!

I think it's fair to say these are pretty self explanatory, bleach is my new best friend!! I'm STILL waiting on my studs to arrive (God damn, these bank holidays!), then I can finish these babies off. I wasn't expecting them to go so light but hey ho these were my first attempt bleaching shorts! Happy days.

Katie xx


  1. These look really good, I think how light they are is on trend :) I am ordering some studs for a blouse :) xx

  2. Great job on the shorts, I have love this look. You have my follow! Follow me if you like xoxo

  3. Just came across your blog and it's so lovely!! :)

    Now following, please check out mine if you can!

    Thank you :)


  4. I have a pair of jeans that have just ripped on the thigh [well more jeggings] I was debating trying to use fabric glue to mend them back together but i'm now tempted to try and turn them into shorts. Decisions decisions!

  5. Cool shorts :) just started following you, check my blog out if you get a spare minute :)


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