Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cream of the crop.

Popped into Manchester today, we were going to go to the Trafford Centre but the sun made an appearance so we didn't want to be stuck inside. I got some right bargains! Primark impressed me today, got some really cute vests for £3 each and a mini-dress that I've been lusting after had been reduced to a fiver! UO impressed the most though, I'll be honest I do think the majority of their things are WAY over-priced, but I picked up a few things from their sale section.

I grabbed this cute dress, down from £48 to just £10. It's so cute and girly, and will look fab when the weather warms up a bit. I also got a knitted vest with silver detail, I forgot to take a pic and now my camera battery has died, boo. I also got lots of goodies from Lush and a few from Superdrug, but I'll leave them until I've given them a go before I review. But I can say my living rooms smells like sherbet right now, yummy.

Here's my OOTD and NOTD;

Vintage Tee - Charity shop//Skirt - Primark
//Jewellery - Miss Selfridge/Topshop

I did my nails by experimenting with a make-up sponge. They look like a stonewashed denim/clouds in real life. It's a really cool effect, I'm super excited to try this out with other colours. 

Just one more thing, I've never made it through the door of a Pattiserie Valerie but look how AMAZING their pastries look;

If only I had £3.95 to spend on desert!

Katie xx



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  2. I use to work near a Pattiserie Valerie and I always have to go press my nose against the window and drool - some of their stuff looks amazing. I've had a couple of their slices of cakes, just wish they weren't as expensive and then i'd of had so much more!

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  4. patisserie Valerie is the best, you have great taste in desserts! :) Plus those nails are to die for! ill be giving that a go very soon! :)

  5. Thank you for following!
    Those nails are amazing <3
    Hannah x

  6. you really did find some good pieces, i especially love that floral dress. i'm on money-spending lockdown now so i'm living vicariously through you :)

    but i will admit though that if i was faced with that glass full of pastries, i would instantly hand over my wallet haha

  7. I will follow your blog....



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