Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Animal Testing.

Bit of a strange post today; being a Pescatarian, I choose to not eat mean, not because I don't like the taste (trust me I loved a good bacon sandwich), but because of my love for animals. This sounds a little weird typing 'I love animals' but I do, and after viewing an awful clip of how pigs were being treated before they were killed for our food, I made a big decision and went Veggie-ish.

I do eat fish, not because I agree with the way they are caught/farmed but because to keep myself healthy I need the extra oils etc. in my diet. I do however, try and eat fish that is sustainable, so the likes of Plaice or Coley instead of Cod. After watching Hugh's Fish Fight, I learnt that a lot of cod is thrown back into the sea, even after it is dead because due to ridiculous laws the fish farmers are only able to bring a certain amount back to shore. If you want to learn more go here; http://www.fishfight.net/ and if you can find it on 4od, the programme is well worth a watch!

A veggie life can be a little pricey, obviously fish is usually more expensive than meat in the supermarket, but for me, giving up meat/gelatine etc, has been the right decision and I feel better in my self for doing so.

There is a point to this post, I promise. I work with animals, as many of you know. I literally can't imagine or cute bunnies or rats at work being used a 'guinea pigs', to test our cosmetics/products on. Over the last few weeks, after being made more aware of what goes on behind closed doors, I have learnt many things I didn't know and many things that will certainly affect my shopping in the future. So the point was, I'm currently looking for a foundation that is completely cruelty-free.

I currently use Estee Lauder Double Wear (I bought this before I was aware about the animal situation), and although they state they don't test on animals themselves, I am lead to believe the products do contain ingredients that have been tested on animal previously or by another company on their behalf. I am aware that Estee Lauder owns numerous cosmetics companies, so I am being very careful as to which cosmetics I buy.

I have learnt, after looking on different animal rights websites, that all of Superdrug's own brand cosmetics are cruelty free! Which is fab. I just wondered if anyone knew is GOSH cosmetics was made by Superdrug, cos I'm pretty sure it is?! Of course, Lush is a clear winner in the animal rights world but they don't do a gret selection of make-up!

In the future I am going to make an effort to research where my product came from before making a decision as to whether to buy it or not.  

This logo is on products that have been approved, and are cruelty free!

Check out here if you want to find out any more info;



Katie xx


  1. This is a lovely post :) well, not lovely, but you know what I mean haha. I am getting better at using animal-cruelty-free products but I have such fussy skin it's sometimes difficult.
    I don't eat meat or fish or gelatin either, always nice to find someone else too! :) xx

  2. Just read your post and thought you may be interesting in joining the Bunny Love campaign I've started to encourage bloggers to go cruelty free. Here is the related post http://love212.org/2012/05/03/bunny-love-join-the-campaign/ Thank you very much! Elena x

  3. Great post! I'm definately becoming more aware of the products that I'm buying. xx

  4. amazing post!i had to give u my Vichy products(they are owned by loreal)and they test on animals :( x


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