Saturday, 21 April 2012

Walk this way.

I've been after a pair of cute flat shoes for a while. I'm really picky when it comes to flats, cos I hate my toes so if I get a toe cleveage in some dolly's I won't be buying them. I just wanted something comfy and versatile. I'm loving Flossy's at the moment, but to be honest spending £20 on a pair of sand shoes wasn't agreeing with my purse. I searched the Primark's and New Look/'s of the North West but still wasn't happy, so I gave up.

I nipped into Internacionale on Thursday before work to look for a cute skull bracelet I had seen on someone's blog. And there they were, my perfect pair of comfy Flossy/Tom's like shoes, in my price range.

Internacionale (kids)- £7.99

Whoops, I think I photo'ed the shoes the wrong way round in the first pic, I still struggle with left and right! Aren't they pretty?! They are so summery and light, I cant wait to give these baby's a go. Unfortunately the weather isn't on my side today, so they will have to wait until the April showers are over before they get their debut. After all of the excitement, I totally forgot to look for the bracelet, oh well just another excuse for a shopping trip!

I'm off to the football today, as one of my wifely duties. Then popping over to Sheffield for the Anniversary party, I still have no clue what to wear..Hope every one has a lovely Saturday!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Katie xx


  1. These are so cute:-) I want them! x x

  2. They're gorgeous, I love the print of them! Enjoy the football! I've just been in today catching up on blogs and tv programmes :)! xx

  3. I love the print! So fun and colorful.

  4. i find flats so hard to buy - but these are adorable! x

  5. likeeee your blog
    keep posting and go for it!!


  6. There so pretty


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