Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wake me up when September ends.

Today, after more car stress I was desperate to go any buy ANYTHING. I had a spare 10 minute before the train came, so I nipped into Salvation Army next to the train station. I went in looking for more cook books to finish decoupaging my stool (post coming when I've finished). Of course, I came out with more than a cook book.

I picked up two short-sleeve jumpers, perfect for spring when it's not quite warm enough for a tee. I think they would look fab with a pair of skinnies or some crazy leggings. I also got a vest/pullover thing in a lovely pastel lilac colour, to wear with my high waisted shorts I think!

I also experimented with my Barry M varnishes last night, mainly because OPI and Models Own are taking over my polish collection, I thought it was time I gave Barry a day out.

Mint Green//Peach Melba//Base/top coat & nail hardender

My nails are pretty much chip free, even though I've done a delivery shift at work, which is good. But I know it is all down to my wonderful top coat. My friend picked up the base/top coat for me, for my birthday last year and it has served me well! Its fab for keeping your varnish in place, and also keeps your nails protected. Base coat is a MUST for acrylics, cos they are porous they stain much easier than real ones! I find this is the best when I want to wear blacks or bright yellow, it stops your fingers looking like you smoke 300 a day!

What have you been up to today?

Katie xx 


  1. Thanks for your comment! Cute blog, I have the mint Barry m nail varnish :)
    Kate x

  2. I love the nails, I did some today and posted them ( I used a matte topcoat which is my thing i cant stop doing at the moment!) I love how you've just painted one differently, its eye catching,and the colours work well. Cant believe you picked all that stuff up from the charity shop - I'm so jealous! x

  3. I love those jumpers, what good finds!!! xx

  4. Love the color of your nails :) Nice blog!!
    Would you like to follow each other? =)



  5. i love this brand and these colors :)


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