Monday, 23 April 2012

Smile like you mean it.

I'm exhausted today. It should definitely be illegal to get up at 5am on a Monday. Thought I would do a quick product review today. It's a bit of a strange thing to be reviewing but I've been having so problems with the sensitivity of my teeth. For as long as I can remember I've been able to bit down in ice cream and eat ice lollies faster than you can get them out of the wrapper, but for some unknown reason, the last month or so my teeth have become very sensitive.

The problem is, I can't manage to get a NHS place at any dentist in the North West apparently, okay that was an exaggeration but I've rang round plenty in Wigan. So currently my dentist is 120-odd miles away in Middlesbrough. I thought I might have just caught my gum and it would pass over a few days after, but it got to the stage where it was painful to even chew on the left side. I've taken a good look and can't see anything visible and the gum area seems nice and healthy. So I thought I would give a sensitive toothpaste a go.

Now I think everyone have heard of Sensodyne, so off  I went in search of the toothpaste. After hunting up and down, comparing prices, the cheapest I could find it was around £2.99, and to be honest that is fairly pricey for a toothpaste! I kind of gave up my search until I popped into Boots (I know, my favourite place!) and saw their own brand of Boots Smile Sensitive Toothpaste, and for £1.35 per 100ml I thought why not just give it a try.

I'm really glad I spotted this! I've only been using it since last week but I've noticed a big difference. Not only am I being able to chew properly again, the sensitivity in my gums has really improved. My teeth are still sensitive when I have sugary things, like too many sweets (oops), but this toothpaste has worked wonders. Maybe it's all in my head, but either way my mouth is much happier.

Just a few photo's from my Auntie and Uncle's Wedding Anniversary Party..

The happy couple - 35 years and counting//My cutie Godson//The close up photo he took of me
//Nana doing the twist <3

Katie xx


  1. 5am, ew! I really love the colour of your lace top/ dress, pretty!

    Laila x

  2. I also use the boots sensitive toothpaste and love it! Also sensodyne tastes disgusting ew haha so its probably best you didn't buy it :-) Lovely blog, now following, hope you visit back <3
    much love

  3. 5am? ouch!

    I seem to get sensitive teeth only when I have hot and cold at the same time (hot apple pie and ice cream), or when I eat chocolate. That hurts!

    With own brands I find as long as they have similar ingredients then why not pay the cheaper price! I do this with my hay fever tablets. Instead of buying brand names for £3 for 7 tablets, I get the supermarket own brand and you get 14 for 80p. They both have the key ingredient.

    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award as well :) x


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