Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm wishing on a star.

Its so very nearly payday, well if a week on Thurs counts. I'm being super sensible with my pennies at the moment, mainly focussing on paying off my credit card, (never get one of these) and putting some money in  my savings. I couldn't help surfing the interweb to see what is new in the beauty/fashion world. There are too many things I want, here a few beautiful things I need in my life..

Moroccan oil - I've wanted this for yonks! I saw the dupe on a few blogs, from Aldi, but I can't track it down despite going in at least 5! If my hair could talk it would say a) please wash me (it's been a little neglected due to unsociable shifts) and b) i'm sooo thirsty please get me some Moroccan oil.

Barry M - Aqua green and Lavender hexograms are my next Barry M purchases. I think these are going to have to come of the tinterweb though cos I can't find either in any Superdrug/Boots stores. The Aqua green reminds me of The Little Mermaid for some reason..

Topshop Bralet - I'm warming to the showing-off-your-midrif trend. I've got a gorgeous maxi skirt that is pretty high waisted, so would look perfect with a bralet. I love this design, but as I'm super tight I won't be parting with £25 for this one. I will find an alternative in Primark!

ASOS Flatforms - After being hugely disappointed with my recent Ebay flatforms purchase (they refunded my money and didn't send them, without an explination), I've been on the hunt for another pair. I am in love with these metallic flatforms, they are so pretty and perfect for Summer.  Maybe if these were on my feet, I would dare to get my awful toes out.

Vans - I've been loving Vans lately, I've never owned a pair and have always been a Converse girl, but these babies are just too cute. I think these may need investing in soonish, obv with the Hubby's student discount!

What's on your payday wish list?

Katie xx



  1. Love the vans


  2. oh my gosh i use the moraccan oil! i love it..i used it for only two days and my hair was softer and less tangly


  3. Hello, just letting you know I am doing my first giveaway on my blog!
    Check it out if you want a chance of winning! :)

  4. Really like those vans. Like you i'm very much a converse girl but they are really rad.

  5. I really want some bralets to wear with high waisted things too, so pretty!

    Laila x


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