Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fly like a bird.

I've been wanting to review this product for a while, but I wanted to give it a few more goes before I raved about it. I was given a sample of Dove's Express Treatment Conditioner, I think from the Clothes Show last year. Anyway, I gave it a whirl, but to be honest I wasn't wowed at first. The sample size wasn't massive so I only got one try of it, as I like to cake on the conditioner, I also didn't read the instructions and just lobbed it on and washed it straight off.

I saw it advertised on the TV last week, and didn't realise it was the same stuff. I swear I am an advertiser's dream, I'm a sucker for a new product. So I popped into Boots, of course, and saw the Dove hair care range was on save a 1/3, bonus! I picked up the full size bottle for £2.24 for 180ml. It comes out like a swirl of orangey/yellow and white, and smells like sweets! It has a yummy mango smell, I think anyway. This time I did read the instructions, it is to be used like a hair mask but you only need to leave it on for a minute, which is fab when you're in a rush, like I always am. I've got to say I'm pretty impressed second time around. It leave your hair super soft and really manageable. Considering I used bleach to re-ombre the ends of my hair last week, it's in pretty good condition, compared to how it has been. I will defiantly be picking this up again, I think it does just as good a job as some of the more premium brands I've tried and for more than half the price.

I've just ran out of my Lee Stafford shampoo, so I'm on a mission for new shampoo today, any recommendations?!

Katie xx


  1. how great is this shampoo! it makes my hair so much softer, and almost makes my split ends disappear!
    cool review! :) x

  2. Hey! Ive awarded you with the Sunshine Award :D

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  3. Hi :) ,i´m a new Follower :)

    Lovely Greetings from Vienna ♡

  4. chose the body shop ones or Dr Organic ones..doesnt have sulphates or silicones(or parabens).dove are mostly petrochemicals :( xx


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