Monday, 2 April 2012

Colour me perfect.

I've mentioned my obsession with nail varnish before, and you all know my love for Models Own polish. When I went to the Clothes Show last year the Models Own stall was by far the best, I got the most amazing nail colours. For some reason I had forgotten about one of them, then when I was sifting through my thousands of colours I spotted it.

This is literally the most summery colour EVER. Tangerine Queen, is so perfect, I wish I has more of a tan to show it off though! This would look amazing on holiday, it's bright, bold and screams look at me. You might need to invest in some shades if you look directly at it though.

Just wanted to show my most recent purchase from a bric-a-brac shop, we've been desperate for a TV cabinet for yonks, and we finally spotted one earlier today.

I love the style and vintageness of this and plus it only cost £20! I have a really cute coffee table that this matches perfectly, so I've nearly got a finished living room. I mean it has only taken 6 months..

Katie x


  1. That's a lovely cabinet!
    The nail polish is so bright and cheerful, and as you say, would be great with a tan :)

  2. Nice nail colour!

  3. Love the cabinet, the little arches at the front are so cute :)
    Your nails are so bright!! What a great colour for Summer :)

  4. Have been looking for a nice yellowy nail colour for ages, so may have to invest in this! Lovely colour :-)
    P.s that cabinet is so cute, and such a bargain at £20!
    Hollie x

  5. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I think your blog is great and you really deserve it! Check out my blog for the details :)

  6. That nail varnish is sooo pretty! I love the cabinet too!


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