Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bleach babe.

Ahhh, so much to say. I don't know why but I have too many things to blog about today! I'm currently home alone, as it's parent's evening, so I have to fend for myself. Of course, tonight's tea wasn't anything special, but I did buy this weird 'Crumpet Loaf' from Greenhalghs. Its bread but tastes like crumpets, I actually think I spoilt it by putting cheese on, but I did have a slice with just butter and it was delicious.

I've had a pretty busy day, two of my friends got the Mega Bus into Manchester, so I went along to meet them. We shopped til we dropped, but somehow didn't really seem to buy much. We stopped off at Weatherspoon's for dinner and I had lovely veggie burger and a waffle for dessert, they really have stepped up in there!

After they left to get the bus home, I got the train and headed back to Wigan in search of a black vest and some bleach. I've been wanting to experiment with bleaching some of my clothes for a while, but never got round to it. So as I have the house to myself tonight, I though I would give it a go. I picked up a cheap £2.99 vest to practice on.

That's a magazine underneath the top, that you can see in the first picture. I was amazed to see the colour come out, to be fair it doesn't take a lot to get me excited about something! I did have an oops moment and got a bit of bleach where I didn't want it, this photo makes it look much worse than it is. I pretty pleased with the outcome, I went for a simple design as I've never done it before. My house currently smells like a swimming pool.

I have also transformed some very washed out plain, black leggings, into something more up to date and wearable.

I have been seeing dip-dyed clothes EVERYWHERE at the moment. I've been hunting for some jeans in charity shops to turn into some denim shorts and customise, but have no luck so far. So I grabbed an old denim jacket and have tried dip dyeing this. 

Denim is a lot harder to bleach than I thought it would be. I've just left it to do it's thing at the moment, so hopefully it will look fab when it's finished! Much cheaper that going out and buying new clothes, as I got two bottles of bleach for £1.

Any clothing DIY tips?

Katie xx



  1. fantastic DIY! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for the follow! I've followed back :) Love this DIY idea by the way!


  3. Nice post and great blog!!!
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  4. I have been looking to bleach some old leggings recently, but was scared to do it! until i saw this post thanks for the tips :)

  5. How interesting, I like the cross vest top :)

  6. Will definitely be trying this out!XO

  7. Great blog! I have awarded you with the "Versatile Blogger" Award! Check out the details on my blog post here!:

  8. I love making designs with bleach on tops, I started off with the crosses like you but ventured into cats and skulls and things, I love the effect you get on them!

    Laila x

  9. I really like the idea of dip-dyeing a denim jacket, I might have to give this a go!xxx


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