Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Baby, you can drive my car.

I had ANOTHER day off today, believe it or not! So we met up with my family, and went to Eureka! in Halifax, with my little cousins. I haven't been there since I was maybe 8 or 9, so I was more excited than the kids, but they really enjoyed themselves. It was HEAVING with children running round left, right and centre so it was nice to finally escape and go home.

Our engine management light came on again, this is the 6th car we've had/hired/provided with courtesy car, in the last 6 weeks, so you can imagine our frustration. However the garage said it was nothing to worry about after running diagnostics, so fingers crossed it's just a loose connection!

Here's my OOTD..

Cardigan - Charity shop//Top - New look (sale)//Jeans - River Island (sale)
//Necklace - Miss Selfridge (sale)

I was so pleased when I came across this cardigan in the British Heart foundation. Its the perfect pastel coral, thick knitt, Granny cardi. It is on the large side but I couldn't resist, so I've rolled the sleeves to make it more 'cropped', and it only set me back £3.99. 

I really need to invest in some more chunky, long-line necklaces as this one keeps popping up in every outfit post!

Katie xx


  1. You're really on it with the charity shop finds now, love that cardigan, it looks really good oversized!

    Laila x

  2. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is impeccable! I'm in awe at just how brilliant it is! I look forward to seeing your future posts. I hope you're having a lovely day xxx


  3. Love the cardigan absolute bargain!!xx

  4. That is a great bargain, it makes it even better - and its a lovely colour! I love your blog, I'm always popping up seeing what you're posting and i want your cardi :(

  5. cute outfit x


  6. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL


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