Sunday, 29 April 2012

Why do you look like Shrek?

Sorry for being AWOL the past few days, I've had a hectic weekend. I went to visit my friend in Peterborough yesterday, which was a 3 and 1/2 hour journey there and back, so I was pretty much zonked by the time I got in last night. We had a good day, I took my camera to discover I forgot the memory car so couldn't take any pics! But we did have a fab time just strolling and exploring the sights, we even popped into the cathedral, it did rain ALL day but it was fun.

I've just about ran out of my 'Angels on bare skin' clenser, I do love it but I just fancied trying something else out. I really wanted to try 'Herbalism' so when we passed Lush I jumped inside and grabbed me some.

So this does make you look like Shrek when you pop it on, but i'm pretty impressed. It has a very similar texture to Angels minus the lavender bits. It has a strange smell, it's not overpowering and by no means unpleasant, its just hard to describe. Looking on the website this cleanser has rose, chamomile, nettle and almond oil, as well as lots of other things that are fab for your skin. I picked this one up because my skin has improved so much since I ditched the clean & clear's of the world and started using Lush products. But I will never be able to shift the few pimples that I get around my hairline. This claims to calm troubled skin.

"Herbalism is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. It will help with spots, grease, and calm troubled skin."

Has everyone had a fun weekend?

Katie xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fly like a bird.

I've been wanting to review this product for a while, but I wanted to give it a few more goes before I raved about it. I was given a sample of Dove's Express Treatment Conditioner, I think from the Clothes Show last year. Anyway, I gave it a whirl, but to be honest I wasn't wowed at first. The sample size wasn't massive so I only got one try of it, as I like to cake on the conditioner, I also didn't read the instructions and just lobbed it on and washed it straight off.

I saw it advertised on the TV last week, and didn't realise it was the same stuff. I swear I am an advertiser's dream, I'm a sucker for a new product. So I popped into Boots, of course, and saw the Dove hair care range was on save a 1/3, bonus! I picked up the full size bottle for £2.24 for 180ml. It comes out like a swirl of orangey/yellow and white, and smells like sweets! It has a yummy mango smell, I think anyway. This time I did read the instructions, it is to be used like a hair mask but you only need to leave it on for a minute, which is fab when you're in a rush, like I always am. I've got to say I'm pretty impressed second time around. It leave your hair super soft and really manageable. Considering I used bleach to re-ombre the ends of my hair last week, it's in pretty good condition, compared to how it has been. I will defiantly be picking this up again, I think it does just as good a job as some of the more premium brands I've tried and for more than half the price.

I've just ran out of my Lee Stafford shampoo, so I'm on a mission for new shampoo today, any recommendations?!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I want to run to you.

Look what I bought..

Yeyyyy. FINALLY, got some new running trainers. I'm so excited to give these babies a whirl. Eek. My old ones are literally falling apart so running in them wasn't great for them or for my feet. I don't think I've ever gotten so excited about buying trainers, but I'm really getting into this jogging thing. I even managed to run about 2 miles yesterday, without my inhaler so that is a really big step for me! Plus it's less than a month to the Great Manchester Run, and I have so far raised over £70 for Mind, which I'm really pleased about! Just got to keep on movin'.

Katie xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When it rains look for rainbow, when it' too dark look for stars.

Had a free day today, so popped into town after my run. I'm desperate for some new trainer, but I was getting annoyed with the customer service, or lack of, in the sports shops. I don't know why but I really feel like I don't belong in sports shops, despite working for JD in the past. Any who, I didn't get any trainers but picked up a few other bit and bobs in town.

Running Jacket - Sport Direct//Scarf - Charity shop (70p!)//
Top/Socks/Bobby pins - Primark//
Hair dye/Nail varnish - Body care

I know what your think, MORE nail varnish?! Yes, I just can't get enough, I think I should go speak to someone..Very pleased with my bargain scarf, I hunted for a tartan scarf I liked and that was in my price range, but even Ebay failed me. Thank goodness for the Samaritans shop, and the lovely person that donated it, of course!

Here's my OOTD;

I picked up both these tops in a charity shop last week, I love the lace one it's so versatile and can be transformed just by changing what is under it. My little robot necklace got it's debut too.

I did my nails the other day, I really went with today's outfit. I used my free Company eyeliner (with this months magazine) to do the polka dots, and Barry M underneath. So cute. I tweeted this pic to Company and they agreed it was a good use of my freebie - follow me @KatieAtki.

Katie xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Smile like you mean it.

I'm exhausted today. It should definitely be illegal to get up at 5am on a Monday. Thought I would do a quick product review today. It's a bit of a strange thing to be reviewing but I've been having so problems with the sensitivity of my teeth. For as long as I can remember I've been able to bit down in ice cream and eat ice lollies faster than you can get them out of the wrapper, but for some unknown reason, the last month or so my teeth have become very sensitive.

The problem is, I can't manage to get a NHS place at any dentist in the North West apparently, okay that was an exaggeration but I've rang round plenty in Wigan. So currently my dentist is 120-odd miles away in Middlesbrough. I thought I might have just caught my gum and it would pass over a few days after, but it got to the stage where it was painful to even chew on the left side. I've taken a good look and can't see anything visible and the gum area seems nice and healthy. So I thought I would give a sensitive toothpaste a go.

Now I think everyone have heard of Sensodyne, so off  I went in search of the toothpaste. After hunting up and down, comparing prices, the cheapest I could find it was around £2.99, and to be honest that is fairly pricey for a toothpaste! I kind of gave up my search until I popped into Boots (I know, my favourite place!) and saw their own brand of Boots Smile Sensitive Toothpaste, and for £1.35 per 100ml I thought why not just give it a try.

I'm really glad I spotted this! I've only been using it since last week but I've noticed a big difference. Not only am I being able to chew properly again, the sensitivity in my gums has really improved. My teeth are still sensitive when I have sugary things, like too many sweets (oops), but this toothpaste has worked wonders. Maybe it's all in my head, but either way my mouth is much happier.

Just a few photo's from my Auntie and Uncle's Wedding Anniversary Party..

The happy couple - 35 years and counting//My cutie Godson//The close up photo he took of me
//Nana doing the twist <3

Katie xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Walk this way.

I've been after a pair of cute flat shoes for a while. I'm really picky when it comes to flats, cos I hate my toes so if I get a toe cleveage in some dolly's I won't be buying them. I just wanted something comfy and versatile. I'm loving Flossy's at the moment, but to be honest spending £20 on a pair of sand shoes wasn't agreeing with my purse. I searched the Primark's and New Look/'s of the North West but still wasn't happy, so I gave up.

I nipped into Internacionale on Thursday before work to look for a cute skull bracelet I had seen on someone's blog. And there they were, my perfect pair of comfy Flossy/Tom's like shoes, in my price range.

Internacionale (kids)- £7.99

Whoops, I think I photo'ed the shoes the wrong way round in the first pic, I still struggle with left and right! Aren't they pretty?! They are so summery and light, I cant wait to give these baby's a go. Unfortunately the weather isn't on my side today, so they will have to wait until the April showers are over before they get their debut. After all of the excitement, I totally forgot to look for the bracelet, oh well just another excuse for a shopping trip!

I'm off to the football today, as one of my wifely duties. Then popping over to Sheffield for the Anniversary party, I still have no clue what to wear..Hope every one has a lovely Saturday!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Katie xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The DJ's got us falling in love.

HELP! I'm going to my Auntie and Uncle's wedding anniversary party on Saturday, and I reallllyy wanted to wear my Miss S maxi skirt, but I don't have a clue what to wear with it. I bought a cropped top from Topshop yesterday but it just doesn't look right at all, please help me..

The second skirt is also an option, I picked up for £8 in New Look sale yesterday, but there is something about the top that just doesn't quite feel dressey enough. Maybe I will have to invest in a bralet and take my leather jacket to keep me toastie!

Just quickly wanted to post about FINALLY being able to get hold of some of Models Own Hedkandi range, I picked up the Ibiza Mix, which reminds me a lot of OPI rainbow connections. I also gave Asda's George nail polish range ago, I've got to say for £1.75 a bottle I wasn't expecting much but after two days wear, I'm pretty much chip-free.

Any outfit advice would be great! Have a lovely Thursday.

Katie xx


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bleach babe.

Ahhh, so much to say. I don't know why but I have too many things to blog about today! I'm currently home alone, as it's parent's evening, so I have to fend for myself. Of course, tonight's tea wasn't anything special, but I did buy this weird 'Crumpet Loaf' from Greenhalghs. Its bread but tastes like crumpets, I actually think I spoilt it by putting cheese on, but I did have a slice with just butter and it was delicious.

I've had a pretty busy day, two of my friends got the Mega Bus into Manchester, so I went along to meet them. We shopped til we dropped, but somehow didn't really seem to buy much. We stopped off at Weatherspoon's for dinner and I had lovely veggie burger and a waffle for dessert, they really have stepped up in there!

After they left to get the bus home, I got the train and headed back to Wigan in search of a black vest and some bleach. I've been wanting to experiment with bleaching some of my clothes for a while, but never got round to it. So as I have the house to myself tonight, I though I would give it a go. I picked up a cheap £2.99 vest to practice on.

That's a magazine underneath the top, that you can see in the first picture. I was amazed to see the colour come out, to be fair it doesn't take a lot to get me excited about something! I did have an oops moment and got a bit of bleach where I didn't want it, this photo makes it look much worse than it is. I pretty pleased with the outcome, I went for a simple design as I've never done it before. My house currently smells like a swimming pool.

I have also transformed some very washed out plain, black leggings, into something more up to date and wearable.

I have been seeing dip-dyed clothes EVERYWHERE at the moment. I've been hunting for some jeans in charity shops to turn into some denim shorts and customise, but have no luck so far. So I grabbed an old denim jacket and have tried dip dyeing this. 

Denim is a lot harder to bleach than I thought it would be. I've just left it to do it's thing at the moment, so hopefully it will look fab when it's finished! Much cheaper that going out and buying new clothes, as I got two bottles of bleach for £1.

Any clothing DIY tips?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm wishing on a star.

Its so very nearly payday, well if a week on Thurs counts. I'm being super sensible with my pennies at the moment, mainly focussing on paying off my credit card, (never get one of these) and putting some money in  my savings. I couldn't help surfing the interweb to see what is new in the beauty/fashion world. There are too many things I want, here a few beautiful things I need in my life..

Moroccan oil - I've wanted this for yonks! I saw the dupe on a few blogs, from Aldi, but I can't track it down despite going in at least 5! If my hair could talk it would say a) please wash me (it's been a little neglected due to unsociable shifts) and b) i'm sooo thirsty please get me some Moroccan oil.

Barry M - Aqua green and Lavender hexograms are my next Barry M purchases. I think these are going to have to come of the tinterweb though cos I can't find either in any Superdrug/Boots stores. The Aqua green reminds me of The Little Mermaid for some reason..

Topshop Bralet - I'm warming to the showing-off-your-midrif trend. I've got a gorgeous maxi skirt that is pretty high waisted, so would look perfect with a bralet. I love this design, but as I'm super tight I won't be parting with £25 for this one. I will find an alternative in Primark!

ASOS Flatforms - After being hugely disappointed with my recent Ebay flatforms purchase (they refunded my money and didn't send them, without an explination), I've been on the hunt for another pair. I am in love with these metallic flatforms, they are so pretty and perfect for Summer.  Maybe if these were on my feet, I would dare to get my awful toes out.

Vans - I've been loving Vans lately, I've never owned a pair and have always been a Converse girl, but these babies are just too cute. I think these may need investing in soonish, obv with the Hubby's student discount!

What's on your payday wish list?

Katie xx


Monday, 16 April 2012

Strawberry shortcake.

Tonight I'm in charge of tea. Hubby's had to work late, and still isn't back so I've had to fend for myself. A few weeks back I find a fab recipe for baked bean lasagna here (don't knock it, til you've tried it!), I've been craving a bit of stodgy food so I thought I would whip up another one. 

I know it may not look pretty, but trust me it's yummy!

Anyway every good meal, has to finish with a gorgeous dessert. I was watching River Cottage (loser) last night and Hugh made this crazy thing called a Blueberry Clafoutis (recipie here), don't ask me to pronounce that! Of course, I thought I need to have a go at that.Well as blueberry's aren't in season I thought I would make and alternative and use some strawberries.

This is my finished clafoutis. It has the strangest consistency, kind of jelly/flan like. The strawberries, work really well they are sweet but sour at the same time so make it very moreish. I haven't quite persuaded the other half to try it yet so that means more for me! Just call me Nigela.

Katie xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

All sit down.

Bit of DIY never goes amiss. We bought a stool at the vintage fair last week, got it home and realised it didn't work for what we wanted it for. So in true Atkinson style we DIY'ed it!

It's pretty much finished now, just needs varnishing and Bob's your Uncle! I love the idea of making a piece of furniture your own and this certainly is a unique piece!

Katie xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dance like a Robot.

Where has today gone? I'm so confused, had such a lazy day after my run. I have signed up to the Great Manchester Run on the 20th May, I'm running for Mind and fundraising here -

So if you can give anything, it will be greatly appreciated, and is going to a brilliant cause.

Anyway, I haven't done a great deal today. We're off to Alton Towers tomorrow, so hubby's friend ha come up from London to stay. After we picked him up, we took a quick trip to Trafford Centre. This is my OOTD:

Jacket - Tesco (Kids)//Tee - Topshop//Skirt - Miss Selfridge (Sale)
//Necklace - Accessorise

I love this skirt, the tie-dye look is coming back so I was really excited when I saw this for £10. I love the two lengths which is again very much on trend. I was so happy when the sun came out, which allowed me to stick on my leather jacket and hand up my winter coat for today.

I didn't go to Trafford Centre for anything in particular. I picked up some yummy Pop Tarts from Selfridges, which were reduced down to £2 for 8 cos the box was damaged. I also got this cute necklace in Topshop jewellery sale..

Ahhh, too sweet! This was meant to be half price from £8.50, when I got to the till it was only £1.50! I love it when that happens. But that also suggested that maybe the jewellery is going to get reduced again ASAP, fingers crossed!

Katie xx

And we'll run for our lives.

Firstly, I just want to say a BIG thank you, to all of my followers/readers and for all the lovely comments I've been getting recently. Sorry I haven't had the time to reply to everyone, but they are very much appreciated and I honestly read EVERY single one.

Already today I have achieved something. I am rubbish when it comes to exercising. I love Zumba, I used to go every week with my friend before I moved to Wigan. I took it up again for a few weeks after we moved, but there was always a excuse reason I couldn't go. Mainly cos it's on a Wednesday evening (after my 6am start) and costs £4.90 a class, not the most economical class! So I pretty much haven't done any exercise since about October time, I know how bad is that?! I do try and look after myself, but I've started getting into bad habits like drinking fizzy drinks a lot, to feed my sugar addiction. I have a lot of bad influences at work too, they go to Mcdonald's constantly (I don't eat Mcdonald's, but it does make me crave food that isn't good for me!).

My consultant, advised me to take up some sort of exercise, not only for my health but apparently it is good for easing the symptoms of my IBS. I've been contemplating for a week or so, whether to take up jogging/power walking. It's free, you can do it anytime and you go at your own pace, plus you get a good bit of fresh air too. This morning, I took the plunge. I have the least cool running gear, so I'm definitely not going to post a pic of that. I am very pleased to say I jogged 2 miles, with a two minute walking break to have my inhaler. Considering I am Asthmatic, and have the lung capacity of a 90 year old, I'm pretty proud of my self. Plus half of it was up hill! I know this probably doesn't sound like a long way, but when you have my little legs, and my lack of motivation it's like a Marathon.

I feel like I need a goal to aim for, to keep my motivation up. I'm going to search for a fun run or 10k for charity, to keep me going.

Does anyone have any tips on jogging?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wake me up when September ends.

Today, after more car stress I was desperate to go any buy ANYTHING. I had a spare 10 minute before the train came, so I nipped into Salvation Army next to the train station. I went in looking for more cook books to finish decoupaging my stool (post coming when I've finished). Of course, I came out with more than a cook book.

I picked up two short-sleeve jumpers, perfect for spring when it's not quite warm enough for a tee. I think they would look fab with a pair of skinnies or some crazy leggings. I also got a vest/pullover thing in a lovely pastel lilac colour, to wear with my high waisted shorts I think!

I also experimented with my Barry M varnishes last night, mainly because OPI and Models Own are taking over my polish collection, I thought it was time I gave Barry a day out.

Mint Green//Peach Melba//Base/top coat & nail hardender

My nails are pretty much chip free, even though I've done a delivery shift at work, which is good. But I know it is all down to my wonderful top coat. My friend picked up the base/top coat for me, for my birthday last year and it has served me well! Its fab for keeping your varnish in place, and also keeps your nails protected. Base coat is a MUST for acrylics, cos they are porous they stain much easier than real ones! I find this is the best when I want to wear blacks or bright yellow, it stops your fingers looking like you smoke 300 a day!

What have you been up to today?

Katie xx 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Baby, you can drive my car.

I had ANOTHER day off today, believe it or not! So we met up with my family, and went to Eureka! in Halifax, with my little cousins. I haven't been there since I was maybe 8 or 9, so I was more excited than the kids, but they really enjoyed themselves. It was HEAVING with children running round left, right and centre so it was nice to finally escape and go home.

Our engine management light came on again, this is the 6th car we've had/hired/provided with courtesy car, in the last 6 weeks, so you can imagine our frustration. However the garage said it was nothing to worry about after running diagnostics, so fingers crossed it's just a loose connection!

Here's my OOTD..

Cardigan - Charity shop//Top - New look (sale)//Jeans - River Island (sale)
//Necklace - Miss Selfridge (sale)

I was so pleased when I came across this cardigan in the British Heart foundation. Its the perfect pastel coral, thick knitt, Granny cardi. It is on the large side but I couldn't resist, so I've rolled the sleeves to make it more 'cropped', and it only set me back £3.99. 

I really need to invest in some more chunky, long-line necklaces as this one keeps popping up in every outfit post!

Katie xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Old McDonald had a farm.

Hope everyone has had lovely Easter weekend. I was back at work today which was a bit of a bummer, but it hasn't stopped raining all day, so I wasn't too bothered. What is going on with our weather at moment? One week its boiling, then next I've got my thermals on!

After knocking the trip to Southport on the head, due to the rain, we some how ended up at Cedar Farm Galleries, which were holding a vintage fair, happy days. We didn't go intending to buy anything, I saw a few cute things but were out of my price range (unfortunately I was to chicken to ask if I could take photos!). We did come across some lovely bits of furniture, which the hubby managed to persuade to seller to reduce down quite a bit. I'd been looking something to store my 'clutter' in and I finally found something..

Of course, I had to put my own twist on it. I think it looks perfect, and its really spacious too. And the best bit is, it only cost £3!

Just a couple of photos I got of the animals at the farm..

The lamb made me laugh, just chilling out on it's Mama. 

I was ready to take Diego home, but the other half said I couldn't.
What a spoil sport.

So my Easter was fun, despite still not having ANY Easter Eggs. Hey ho, I will just have to steal more of Mr  Atkinson's!

Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?

Katie x

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