Thursday, 8 March 2012

Zebra legs.

I took a trip into Manchester today, and literally shopped 'til I dropped. My feet are so sore they will defiantly need a massage tonight! My favourite thing about walking around Manchester is seeing what everyone is wearing. There are so many different types of people, different styles of clothing and different takes on fashion. It's really fun looking around Selfridges and seeing the things people are buying, that I could only dream of affording. Anyway I took my new leggings for their debut today, here's what I wore..

I love these leggings!! I got them from Ebay last week they are amazing. I've seen quite a few varieties of them today actually, but mine were only £4.99 so probably cheaper than the highstreet! I had a try on session in New Look, I find New Look really hit and miss, sometimes I love it and find loads of cute things then other times I'm hugely disappointed. Today was a good day, although I didn't buy anything I still enjoyed trying on!

Still with this wedding in mind I was looking for versatile things that I could wear again. I love this playsuit but I just couldn't think of another occasion I could wear it for. Believe it or not I did fake tan before these photos.. ha. Excuse the horrible lighting the fitting room was like a cave.

I did finally pick up something for the wedding from H&M, I will post a picture of my outfit after Saturday night.

I took a break from shopping and gave my 6th blood donation!

I then bought a little piece of heaven..

Marni has taken over a whole section in Manchester H&M, I literally fell i love with this cute tee. I had to get a medium as there were no smaller, but I'm thinking of tucking it in to a black skirt or wearing it with some plain leggings, either way I just had to buy it! Oh and if you haven't checked out their collection online you defiantly should, they have some amazing things, if only I had a bank loan..

Have you made any good purchases lately?

Katie x


  1. Love the leggings, I want a pair - I think I'm watching the same ones on ebay! By the way I think the tee actually looks really good with the stripes :)

    Laila x

  2. I've been looking for Marni goods in my local H&Ms but with no luck, well jel :)

  3. I love your leggings! :)

    I followed your blog, please follow mine back


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