Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Za za oh la la.

I just need to share my love for Zara at the minute. I love their TRF range, and was so excited when they finally got their online shop. They are very up to date with the trends at the minute and I keep finding myself lusting after every item when I go in. I'm not too keen on their sizing system though, sometimes I find their small too big but then other times I buy a medium tee (maybe thats cos I like them baggy, but there doesn't seem to much consistency). I went in the other day and had a crazy try on sesh, but my camera was on charge at home so I couldn't get any pics. Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment...

All these items are available of the Zara website. I actually tried the printed skirt on, it looks so much nicer in real life, really bright and vibrant. I loved it but really couldn't justify buying it, especially as I don't have anything that would go with it. The TRF range is really reasonably priced too, all these items come in under £40 each and that gorgeous skirt is only £22.99! I will defiantly be visiting the store more often as sometimes the photos don't do the items justice.

I'm still in two minds about what to wear on Saturday, I'm off work tomorrow (after 8 days straight, yipee) so I might go into Manchester for a little inspiration! Fingers crossed.

Katie x


  1. Love the second dress-so pretty!

  2. I am pretty much in love with Zara at the moment too, so many nice things! xo

  3. So pretty! Really making us wish it were officially Spring!

    PS. We’ve a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out if you’d like! :)
    ox from NYC!


  4. beautiful dresses, I need to visit Zara soon.
    love your blog, going to follow :)
    mine is if you want to take a look. xxx

  5. Thankyou so much for the follow :) really love your blog x


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