Saturday, 3 March 2012

What's in the bag?

I've seen a few of these posts done so I thought I would give it a go. Here is what is in my bag..

Pets at Home keys are an essential of course!
Working with animals doesn't really mix well with my asthma, so inhaler and allergy relief tablets are a must for me. I know I'm an 'asthma-loser' as my hubby likes to call me.
 Multi-vitamins, I have these so I make sure I get the right dosage of certain vitamins like vitamin E for my skin!
Creme-Brulee Vaseline. I wasn't blown away by this at first but I have really taken to it recently. It doesn't taste much different to the Aloe Vera one, just slightly sweeter. But every girl needs an emergency tin of vaseline. I find it is perfect for my cracked hands and to soften cuticles - a complete multi-tasker!
Rail card - This has to be the best purchase I have literally ever made. I use the train 5 days a week usually, and this knocks around a £1 off my journey to work everyday - not much but it soon adds up! I went back to Middlesbrough from Manchester for only £23!
My beautiful Ted Baker purse, enough said.
I carry my make-up bag at all times, I'm not one of those people that tops their make-up up at every second they have got. I carry it incase of emergency, to control my shine and as most days I do my make-up at 5am, I have a habit of not doing it very well first time round.
Note pad for my food diary that I currently need to keep..boring.
And finally my diary, I only started keeping a diary last year when I went to working full-time, I really don't know how I survived a whole 21 years without one! I literally write everything I need to remember in it, it has really, genuinely improved my life! Now I don't get frustrated when my memory fails me!

So pretty boring really but that is what I am carrying around right now.

Do you have anything exciting in your bag?

Katie x



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  2. lol that is like my bag too! i have to carry my whole life in there as well :P

    1. I have everything but the kitchen sink! x


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