Thursday, 1 March 2012


I love a good nosey on Ebay and always find cute things, but for some reason it's always at the end of the month after I've spent all my pennies! But this month I remembered to search when I had money.. After deciding that I defiantly didn't have enough bags I went in search of a new one. Ebay drives me crazy, I have never won a bidding war in my life so I tend to stick with the buy it now stuff! Anyway I found the perfect bag <3

I got this tote. I've seen a very similar one in Zara around £80, but this baby only cost me £13.99! The ebay seller I got mine from has put their prices up but you can still get it from here for near enough the same price. I saw the Zara tote on Olivia Palermo and desperately wanted it, but this copy is a steal, especially when I have a habit of changing my bag as often as I change my underwear!

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I'm so excited to use my new bag today!

Katie x


  1. wow thats such a pretty bag! well found! haa!.. I tend to watch an item and let it count down to the last few seconds (usually 12) then I've put the top amount I'm willing to go upto (It's currently at £3.05 but I'll pay £8.09 max) and Voila! I win it at £5.32 :D .. hope this helps! hahaa!

    I'm at

  2. Great purchase, well done!
    I just posted some fashion drawings made by me, visit my blog and tell me what you think...I'll be happy to read your opinion!

  3. this bag is so chic! i love it!


  4. looks gorgeous! xx

  5. nice blog ^^ loves it
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy

  6. This bag is too cute!!! I'm still a little new at this and haven't really have time to update my blogs, but check it out and if you like than we can follow each other!

  7. Cute bag!!

    - Taby


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