Friday, 2 March 2012

Plucking Fabulous.

As a monthly routine I usually get my eyebrows threaded on payday. I've been frantically searching for my tweezers for the last week to control the strays before I could get them threaded. For those that have never had threading done, it hurts. I imagine this is what child birth feels like (okay, slight exaggeration but it isn't pleasant!). But I totally recommend it, especially for those with sensitive skin, I find when I get mine waxed I often have a reaction to the wax and end up breaking out. Anyway, I had to invest in some new tweezers. I don't like to spend a great deal on tweezers cos I find that as long as you picky about the tip of the tweezers you can do the same job on a budget. So I picked up these babies..

I got these from Bodycare for a mere £1.69! They are made by Elegant Touch, the tip is so 'sharp' it is perfect for all lengths of eyebrow, it even gets hold of the tiny hairs just peeking through! The are gold plated and are genuinely the best tweezers I have ever found! I plucked my eyebrows in a crazy dash on the train, believe it or not and they look perfect. I didn't even bother going to get my eyebrows threaded, and have been asked a few times if I've been to get them done. They are so easy to use, trust me if I can do it, any one can! I did try to get a pic of my brows but I just couldn't get a half flattering one.

I got a few other bargains in town, a cute top from H&M (which I will be posting about soon), some tresemme dry shampoo half price in Superdrug. I love batiste but tresemme beats it hands down, the price tag isn't great but it was under £2.50 so how could I resist? I picked up a few things from New Look but got home and they just didn't feel right! I am also frantically trying to find an outfit for a friend's wedding reception on the 10th. I've seen lots of nice dresses but they are all cream or white, but it's an unwritten rule, everyone knows you don't wear these colours to a wedding! Fingers crossed I will see something this week, otherwise I'm going in my undies...

Have you got any occasions coming up? What are you wearing?

Katie x


  1. Really good price! I don't think I'd have the bottle to go get my eyebrows threaded! Alas I'll just have to suffer with my own abominable tweezers instead!

    Gemma x

    1. I love threading for shaping my eyebrows, but other than that my tweezers are perfect! x

  2. Have you ever filled your brows in ?

    I'm having a giveaway
    Perfect for your brows !


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