Friday, 9 March 2012

I should ink my skin, with your name.

I really have an obsession with body modification. It just amazes me, I love tattoos and the meanings behind why people got them. In my opinion tattoo's are works of art. I could literally spend hours on bmezine, I love reading stories of peoples experiences too. I think I have some sort of addiction or something. So I just thought I would show you my tattoos/piercings.

Please ignore my scabby ears, my conch is still healing. My cartilage seems to take forever to sort its self out!
I would love to get more tattoos but I like them to be discreet and they are more for me than other people to look at. The heart is on the inside of my forearm (you can't really tell on here) so its easily hidden. I'm going to be training to be a nurse from September so defiantly can't have too many tattoos as its probably considered to be unprofessional. I think I have ran out of places to pierce I've pretty much got all of my ear pierced over time. And I'm not sure I want any facial piercings, I think it adds to some peoples beauty but its just not for me.

Please share your body modifications with me, I would love to have a nosey :)

Katie x


  1. What does the tattoo on ur back say? It's really lovely. Check mine out? (: xx

    1. It says Forever Young. Thanks. I will take a look :) x

  2. Love the one on your neck! Yay for nursing! - I qualify in July! Ahhhh. SX


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