Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Burn, Baby, Burn.

I spent yesterday afternoon out in my little garden. This is the first time we've had some outdoor space since we moved out of our parents' houses, so we were both really keen to get a little patio table at the first glimpse of the sun. It's proven a good purchase this last week, we've been able to dine alfresco, which is very unusual in March! I should have know better than to sit in the sun, not fully covered, but I never seem to learn, this is the result of two hours in the sun on my very fair skin..

The lobster look isn't great, as you can see I've managed to get a chin shadow underneath my neck, uneven tan here we come.

I did like sitting outside though, we live in a pretty quiet area, especially during the day when no cars are using the road that's closest to my house. I had a good relax reading my book, painting my nails and listening to my ipod. I finally got round to trying the nail varnish I received in my Carmine box. It was an Andrea Fulerton polish in a kind of dusty pink colour. I'm pretty pleased with the staying power, as I've done the delivery shift at work today and it's pretty much chip free. I wasn't overly impressed with the application though, as its slightly watery and I had to save it from dripping a few times. I then covered it with Topshop's White Witch which is a gorgeous varnish, just the right amount of glitter!

I ended up not being able to read because the sun was so bright, I've been looking for the perfect pair of sunnies but just couldn't seem to find any. Until today.. I wandered past Accessorise (I know I have an obsession) and it for some reason is still open and they still have 70% off everything. They had LOADS of sunglasses to choose from, I tried the majority of them on, until I discovered a pair hiding at the back.

Yey, I'm so excited about these! They are perfect and have a kind of pink tindge, rather than black which look too dark on my face. I'm really happy with the shape and the cute gold detail on the rim and arms. They were a steal down from £14 to £3. I'm sure the sun will go in now forever, as I've found these, never mind I'll just wear them in the house...

Katie x


  1. Ouchhh! Slap some after sun on that!
    Fingers crossed the rest of the week is sunny too!

  2. Ouch!! I fell asleep once in the sun, my legs went bright red and I couldn't wear clothes properly for a week!It really hurt!

    Your sunglasses were a steal! xx

  3. Owww! I burn really easily too! The sunglasses are really cute!

    Laila x

  4. Oh wow that looks so painful!! Definitely get on the aftersun!! The sunglasses look really nice though!

  5. Thumbs up for the sunglasses! Thumbs down for the sunburn ouch! :( xx

  6. love the colour of those dusty pink polish, like it's pastel :)


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