Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blue skies and white clouds.

The sun was shining on Thursday so I thought a spot of shopping wouldn't go a miss before I started work. The SS12 lines are defiantly here. Zara impressed me the most, the shelves are full of gorgeous pastels and creams, perfect for summer, plus I saw plenty of lace. I'm so excited about the lace trend, its so feminine and delicate, but you can 'man it up' with a biker jacket. I'm really looking forward to experimenting this summer!

Primark is letting me down at the moment, I showed you a blue dress I got from there a few weeks ago. Well it looks perfect on the hanger but made me look like an elephant when I tried it on! It is so hit and miss is Primark. H&M on the other hand, is amazing for a bargain. Sometimes their price structure really confuses me, there was a plain black jersey skirt for £12.99 but I got this top for £7.99..

I love this knitted vest, it is perfect for layering! It comes in 4 colours too, I don't often buy white but I thought it was time for a change, to brighten up my wardrobe! I think I am going to get it in black too though (I just can't help myself!) cos it is just so cute. Its a great length too so your bum isn't completely on show if you wear it with leggings! Other than this I didn't get much on Thursday, my money is burning a hole in my pocket. Must. Go. Shopping!

Katie x



  1. love the pop of leopard print in your outfit.xx

  2. love that leopard print scarf!



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