Friday, 10 February 2012

You glow girl.

This post is coming all the way from sunny Middlesbrough! I arrived home yesterday after a little Primark spree (will post about this soon), and went out for tea with my girls and boy! We had such a good night, it was so nice to catch up and have a Parmo (most people won't know what this is, its chicken escalope, bechemel sauce and Cheddar cheese, trust me its amazing!). This was also the first time I've had cheese and ice cream in 6 months! It was totally worth it, even though I will pay for it today!

As I'm up bright and early, I can never sleep well if its not in my own bed! I thought I would do a little bit of a product rave. As you can see from my older posts I do have a little bit of an obsession with Boots. I've tried a few No7 products and have been surprisingly impressed, so when I saw they were introducing a new skincare range I just had to give it a go. As I've explained before I have awkward skin and after a long search for the perfect moisturiser, I think I have finally hit the jackpot.

So the new range is called Beautiful Skin, I'm sure you have seen it advertised. They do three different types of skincare for different types of skin. There is Normal/Dry, Dry/Very Dry or Normal/Oily. I picked up Normal/Oily, although I do get dry patches I need a light moisturiser for my oily T-zone.

This has the perfect consistency, its light but goes a long way, I use maybe about a 10p sized amount and that covers my whole face. Firstly the texture on your face is so light but really moisturising at the same time. My face feels instantly softer and it absorbs in seconds, meaning if your in a rush (like I usually am) you don't have to wait very long at all before you can start with you make-up regime. Secondly it smells AMAZING, it kind of reminds me of suntan lotion but a subtle one. The smell instantly gives me a pick-me-up at 5am. Thirdly, I genuinely have seen a difference in the radiance of my skin, it looks much more perky and less dull, since introducing this into my routine. Finally, I paid £12.50 for 50ml, I'm pretty sure this will last me at least 4 or 5 months making it excellent value for money. P.s all of the No7 range is hypo-allergenic.

No7 have introduced a whole range of skincare for the three skin types they are aiming for, they do cleansers and exfoliator/toners too, I think I will defiantly be investing in these in the future. I also noticed in my local Boots that they are doing mini trial packs for only £5 with three products in for your skin type, perfect for a girl on the go, that is watching the pennies!


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