Monday, 27 February 2012

The winner takes it all.

My father in law and his wife came to visit over the weekend. We had a really nice day on Saturday, we had a leisurely walk round the Trafford Centre, while I tried so hard not buy anything! For some reason when ever I am willing to buy, there is nothing I want but when I am skint I could buy the whole shopping centre..This is what I wore..

 Dahlia dress and Next jumper!

Anyway Gail had a 25% off voucher for Dorothy Perkins and INSISTED on buying me something with it (how could I say no?!) so I picked up a really cute midi dress. I actually wore it for tea on Saturday night, with my beautiful statement necklace, I will be posting a pic soon! I love the Trafford Centre and the heart and soul has to be Selfridges. It's like a haven of niceness. I NEED everything. Actually need. When I win the lottery (when I remember to put it on) this will be the first place I start spending...

These will be my first purchases. Jimmy Choos and a Mulberry bag. One day I WILL own these. When I go back to uni in September I will be counting down until I'm qualified and cos get a 'real' job and actually save for the luxuries in my life ha!

What would you buy with lottery winnings?

Katie xx



  1. that collar is very nice!

    if i won the jackpot i would go travelling for a very long time...

    laila x

  2. Love the jumper and that collar is lovely!

    I'd invest it so that I could have a continued supply of paper and then buy absolutely anything :)

    xx amina

  3. Cute outfit!

  4. "What would you buy with lottery winnings?"

    Likely some blackout curtains, as I'd definitely have to spend some time in a dark room, clutching the winning ticket and muttering "Don't panic" to myself over and over again.

    And once I managed to move past that stage, I'd be very stuffy and practical. I'd figure out how much would guarantee me financial security for the rest of my life and put that sum away. Then I'd pay off my mortgage.

    And fun stuff? I'd imagine it'd be gaming and travelling. I'd always have the latest PlayStation because it really is no fun to be a generation behind. The PS3 is the first time I've ever been on top of things, but I somehow doubt that I'll be able to afford the arm and leg that they'll charge for the PS4. And I'd have more holidays.

    Apart from that, I don't know. In all likelihood, the money would just sit in the bank until I saw something that I really wanted or really wanted to do. I'd hope that a huge Lottery win wouldn't change my outlook too much. Hopefully, I'd have enough discipline not to go without the things I truly wanted but not splurge on status symbols either.

    1. You have defiently planned these winnings well! I wish I was sensible enough to think of investing or saving to give me financle securtiy! I've never had a games console of any kind, maybe thats what I should be investing in too! x

  5. I love what you're wearing in the first photo. It is extremely adorable!
    If I won the lottery...oh dear. I would buy...EVERYTHING. And a new house with a GIGANTIC closet to house it all...or maybe a separate house entirely for all the beautiful clothes, haha.

    Please visit my blog =).

    <3 <3

    1. Oh yeah a walk-in wardrobe would be perfect!!

      Thanks :) Following you :)



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