Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tartan Tuesday.

I love my job, at times. But there is absolutely nothing that I love about the uniform. Pets at Home is possibly the worse uniform there is going (after Ikea that is..) it is the least flattering clothing in the world. When I worked for Outfit, I was desperate to have a set uniform for work, but what I would give to wear pretty LBD's for work now..So on my rare days I try to be as girly as I can, and get as far away from the 'zoo keeper' look as possible. This is my normal everyday look...

Excuse the mess, and yes that is Peter Rabbit in the back ground! This is my tartan dress I was raving about. I love that it is quite thick so keeps me warm and my Central heating bills down! As you can see I'm having a 'glasses day', loving a bit of geek-chic. I'm still suffering with a bad break out I'm not sure whether to go back to docs and get them to sort me out! Sometimes I hate being a girl.

Katie xx


  1. That dress is super cute! I like your blog and I'm following now. Follow back?

  2. Really cute dress!


  3. Love this dress, it should be tartan tuesday every tuesday.


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