Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rush hour.

This has been a hectic week. I've will have been at work 11 days on the trot (currently on day 10 today) without a day off, which doesn't leave much time for me! I moved to Wigan, from Middlesbrough in September last year and since the move my life has been a whirlwind! I transferred jobs (thankfully) and moved all our things 120-odd miles, then after problems with out first house, we moved our things another 6 miles to the other side of Wigan. I love my home but sometimes it does get a bit lonely, knowing most of my friends are back home or spread around the country! I don't get home much (in fact I've only been back twice) but this Thursday I'm going home, so I am really excited to see my girls and boy! My train is at the perfect time to do a little shopping in Manchester, before heading home.

Also this week I've had a hospital appointment. Urgh. Ive struggled on with stomach problems throughout my teens and into my twenteens. I finally thought we were getting somewhere last summer, I cut out dairy altogether and it was fab for about a month, then the pain returned. I've been brushed off with IBS to many times, so I'm not taking a non-dairy pro biotic and cutting Wheat out for a week as a process of elimination. What a nightmare! If you have any tips on this situation please help me?!

I have just subscribed to the Carmine beauty box, after seeing it was only £5 including the p+p! Bargain or what?! I've requested Feb's box rather than last month, just for the element of surprise, so it won't be with me until after the 22nd. I was a little sceptical about signing up for beauty boxes, cos lets face it that £10ish could be spent on boring things like bills that need to be paid, but I thought this one was quite a bargain!

So sorry for the boring post but I'm just going to rush to get the bus and train to work!

Much love

Katie x


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