Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pale is interesting.

Recently I have received too many comments about how pale I am. I agree I have very fair skin, but I have had several comments at how 'unwell' I look. I have been working every hour under the sun (because other wise I can't afford to live!) so the tiredness is creeping up on me. 5am starts and glowing skin do not mix! So I am currently looking for the perfect skincare regime for my hectic lifestyle!

After using Clinique's 3-step routine (both the blemish and the oily skin one) I realised that more pricey skincare does as little for my skin as cheaper 'off the shelf' products. I have pretty much tried all of the brands made for blemish-prone skin; Clean and clear, Clearasil, Boots/Superdrug own brand, etc. I find that they either dry my skin out far too much or just cause more of a problem, rather than solution!

I'm a sucker for a review, and love checking out peoples reviews of products online. Boots website is great for advice and reviews from customers. Desperately last week I was trawling through the items under 'acne' and came across this..

Boots website describes it as "The Dead Sea has long been a source of health and beauty and possesses properties that may help with skin ailments like eczema, acne, psoriasis, stimulate blood circulation and restore water to body cells." So I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. The soap is black as it says on the box, the instructions say to get a lather up and leave on your face for 3 minutes. It dries out and leaves a mask, again as the box suggests. It does have an awful sulphur-eggy smell to it, but after rinsing off it leaves your face refreshed and soft. It defiantly has helped improve the tone of my skin, I tend to get red patches and it seems to have evened out the colour. And at £3.50ish you can't complain. I will defiantly keep using this!

One of my other beauty favourites is also from Boots, but in the No7 range. I was sceptical to try the No7 stuff to begin with as the price kind of put me off. It is a more expensive than other own make brands, but I had a £5 voucher so purchased this...

This is a serious exfoliaitor. I use this in the shower twice or three times a week. The instructions are to move in small circle around your face, starting at your cheeks for around two minutes. As I have quite oily skin and do tend to get black heads, this really helps to improve the texture of my skin. It does make your face red cos of the beads, so its best to do this on a night! But its totally worth it for a face as soft as a baby's bum!

I really struggle to find the perfect moisturiser. My skin is so delicate the slightest change in routine will either make me break out or dry my skin out until it is flaking (not nice!). Most moisturisers are either too thick they make my foundations cakey and greasy or oil-free which is great if I'm on an oily day, but my skin changes like the weather. I am desperate for an all rounder! Please help!!

I desperately need to rejuvenate my skin, if any one has any handy tips or products they rave about please let me know! I'm sick of my teenage skin, my face needs to learn I am 21 not 13!!

Katie xx

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