Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Make do and mend.

My week has been full of DIY. Working in retail, really doesn't leave me with too many pennies to splash out with, so we took it upon ourselves to re-vamp our retro furniture. Families come in so handy when you need freebies, pretty much all of our furniture was donated or bought from a friend of a friend at a bargain price! For the first time in a long time, we actually have furniture that matches the rest of our stuff. I have a kind of country cottage style and I really wanted our furniture to reflect that but be modern at the same time.

After wandering around the Cath Kidston store, lusting after ALL the furniture, I saw a painted chair that had been scuffed to make it look worn. I was in love. So here's our attempts at the 'worn-look', I'm loving my new-ish home.

For some reason I didn't manage to get a before photo here, but these used to be children's furniture, they were all scuffed and worn and we were going to throw them out. But they now have a new lease of life! (The bedside table does have door knobs now!).

This is probably my favourite, this painting the rocking chair has lightened the room so much. Plus everyone needs a rocking chair in their life!

Finally the bookcase, this was hideous before we painted it. Well not hideous, but just not 'us'. Now it fits perfectly in our living room.

I'm no expert on DIY and the paint might all chip off over time, but that's the fun of it! We also had a lot of fun painting and getting inspiration from window shopping. Next is a TV cabinet..I will keep you posted.

Have you got any DIY tips?

Katie xx


  1. oooh i love doing DIY projects.
    and i dont know about you but i find this site really nice:)

    oh yeah, thanks for following my blog x


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