Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Have you seen the Muffin Man?

Today is my man's birthday. I'm totally devastated as he has literally been in bed ill all day! He is NEVER ill and today, of all days he is. He didn't even make it to work, so he's had a pretty rubbish day. I had lots of plans today to make a birthday cake and make him a special tea but he isn't up to eating anything. Cheese on toast for me then..

I went ahead and made a cake anyway, I got so bored and didn't want to go out incase he needed anything, so I went on a little baking frenzy. I love, love, love to bake, it is so therapeutic, but I rarely get time to or don't have the ingredients I need. I went out on my dinner break yesterday and filled up my baking cupboard ready for today! So I've made a yummy lemon cake for Jonathan (when he feels up to it) and some gorgeous dark choc chip muffins (with Hotel Chocolat Chocolate) mmmmm yum!

I just made a basic lemon cake with lemon butter icing! The candles won't stand up though cos they are too heavy..oops!

 I then made some muffins! They taste delish! I could bake all day but my gas bill doesn't thank me for it..

Katie xx



  1. Oh no, thats a shame about him being ill. Fab cakes though, mmm.

    New follower.


  2. Awesooome, I love muffins!

  3. I love baking too ! I'm just terrible at it!

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    Hopefully we can follow each other :-)

    1. My mum always says 'practice makes perfect!'

      Following you :) x

  4. Can i try some?....Starving now! ;p

  5. They looked so yummy! Your blog is great, ive followed :)

    Please check mine out at http://blackhairbarbie.blogspot.com


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