Saturday, 25 February 2012

Feather fabulous.

We all know times are tough. Prices are through the roof (especially fuel!!) and shops are shutting left, right and centre. I was walking through Bolton town centre on Thursday and saw Accessorise were have a super sale..over 70% off. This is unlike them at this time of the year so I wandered in. It only took me a few seconds to realise this was no January sale extended but was the shop selling up and closing. What is this country coming to? This particular shop is in a prime location and should therefore have plenty of visitors, but this is proof that times are really hard. I have thought in the past Accessorise can be quite pricey, and have always looked forward to the sale, but I am a little disappointed that it will no longer be there to browse. I am assuming this won't be the only store shutting, although it is upsetting for those working for the company and potentially losing jobs, it is kinda cool that they have some really good bargains.

I picked up a statement necklace which will look amazing with the perfect outfit (when I find it!) and a nail polish for £1.20 instead of £4! I've tried their nail varnish in the past, its pretty good against chips and has a vibrant colour after a couple of coats, I couldn't say no for such a cheap price!

This is the necklace I got. Sorry about the photo I was struggling to find somewhere to hang it! This was reduced from £24 (a bit steep) to £5.80. I was so pleased with this find, statement necklaces are everywhere at the moment, I just need an excuse to wear it! I love the feather detail as it brings some sort of delicateness (if that's a word) to a quite masculine, chunky piece of jewellery.

Have you got any ideas how I can wear this?

Katie xx


  1. That's really nice! I'd wear it with a plain coloured shirt/ blouse I think, black or white, so the necklace would be the focus. I wish the Accessorize near me was having a sale (though not the shutting down part!)

    Laila x

    1. Thanks! I decided to wear it with a plain jersey midi dress :) looks fab!

      Katie x

  2. Gorgeous necklace, such a bargain !
    I'd wear it with something quite plain and keep it as the statement of the outfit (:

  3. use it as a statement necklace, so with a plain top or shirt :) great bargain though!

  4. that is a beautiful piece you got..
    wear it with a plain tee it will really bring it out more..!

    check out my blog too n follow if you like..!
    I am following you BTW.. :)

    1. Cool i will check it out and follow you :) x

  5. Wow this necklace looks gorgeous! It would be lovely peeking out from under the collar of a blouse or denim shirt xx


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