Friday, 24 February 2012


I've been after some new boots for ages...well since I got myself some new Emu boots in January. As much as I love my Emu's they are used mainly for snow/casual wear and don't really go with most of my clothes. I bought the cutest pair of boots about 6 months ago from Primark, but I've worn the life out of them and thought it was time to say goodbye. I've been lusting after some Topshop boots for yonks, but the price tag always puts me off (mainly cos I know I can probably get a whole outfit for the price of one pair of beautiful boots). So I window shopping yesterday and stumbled across Internacionale, now you either love it or you hate it. When I was in my teens it was the go-to place, but I kinda became to 'cool' to shop their when Topshop etc. came into my price range! But they have totally turned it around within the last few years, (I know what your thinking, you already know this), I've been really impressed with their ranges, and keeping up with trends. Unfortunately they don't have a website, which is a major downfall for me as I love to internet window shop!

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because I spotted THE boots in store. The boots that were going to replace my pretty Primark ones that I had become so attached to. They are the perfect boot and soooo much like these Topshop ones I didn't splurge on. I am so glad I waited and picked up a bargain.

Topshop AMBLE £70// Topshop AMBUSH £75

These boots are so versatile and would fit in with my wardrobe perfectly. Nearly as perfectly as the ones I actually bought..

Internacionale £24.99

These are my boots. I love the zip detail, and cos I'm a tiny 5'2" the heel is perfect for me, not too high to be uncomfy but high enough to give me a confidence boost. I admit they are never going to be the same quality materials as Topshop but the style is perfect as a close match. These are going to probably be worn every second I have outside of my work plimsolls! I'm soo excited about these joining my shoe collection, just have to make sure my man doesn't find them, as I obviously don't need another pair of boots (but what does he know?!).

Katie xx


  1. These are amazing! Great finds x

  2. I like your boots! I always buy shoes that would go with anything too!

    Now following you.

  3. These are such gorgeous boots! It's amazing how similar the internacionale ones look! :) Thanks for sharing xxx


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