Sunday, 26 February 2012

As free as my hair.

I got some inspiration for a few post in the shower, for some reason things seem to just 'come to me' when I'm washing my hair.. I thought it was time I raved about some of my favourite hair and body products. Here's what is in my shower at the moment..

As you can see I do haul the hair products. My hair got so damaged from bleaching it, it has taken a lot of effort and patience to get it slowly back to an acceptable condition. After speaking to the hairdresser she suggested a few products to give a go. My best purchase is defiantly the Redken hair mask. This is a deep conditioning treatment, that only take 10-15 minutes to work (perfect time to shave your legs!). I've use Redken products before and they have always lived up to my expectations, plus smell delicious!

I have a variety of shampoo, as I've always been told to not to keep the same shampoo too long cos your hair gets too used to it. So I tend to change between a few. My favourite at the moment is actually 'Perfect Brunette' this was an impulse from Home bargains for 99p! It actually has the same consistency as some of the 'designer' shampoo's I've tried and comes out a medium brown colour and its fairly thick. It gives an amazing shine too! I also like to use a Loreal shampoo for sun damaged hair, this was recommended by the hair dresser cos of the bleach damage, this is pretty good but not as an everyday shampoo. And as always I give Aussie a go a few times a week.

The perfect conditioner in my eyes HAS to be Tigi Bed Head Brunette Goddess, you literally need the tiniest amount and it takes seconds to do it's magic. I love the amount you get in a bottle cos it lasts forever and defiantly is the best value for money!

As you can see there are a few samples, Philip Kingsley Elaticizer came in December Glossybox. I've got to say I'm not that impressed. I've seen so many rave reviews, maybe my expectations were too high, but it just doesn't do it for me. I just do get why you put it on before shampoo?! It just didn't seem to work its magic on my locks as well as it seems to have on others.

Soap and Glory Foam Call is my all time favourite shower wash. If you haven't tried this you must!! I've had a few Soap and Glory washes but this is by far the best. Its muti-talented and can be used as bubble bath too. You use literally a pea-sized amount and it foams like crazy. This smells good enough to eat, and make you feel soft and yummy for the rest of the day! Plus it last for a lonnngggg time!

Just some little beauties from my bathroom!

What are your wonder products?

Katie xx


  1. looks good! xo

  2. I seriously need to repair my hair, the winter has damaged it so badly > . < You've given me some great ideas :) x


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