Monday, 30 January 2012

The Internet is a girls best friend.

So this weekend I am going out in Manchester with work. I am so looking forward to a night out, I haven't been out in Manchester since I moved so I'm really excited! As with all nights out, the outfit needs planning. As my lack of money is not allowing me to spend as much as I would like, I have been searching the streets for a bargain! I love Topshop but its so overpriced at times, I can't bring my self to spend £40 on a dress I probably will wear once then sell on ebay! After walking around Wigan 100 times, I gave up and went home. Don't get me wrong I saw so amazing things coming into the shops, but I just couldn't stretch my budget far enough to get a gorgeous top to go with those perfect shorts!

The thing I love most about reading other people's blogs is the websites they remind you of. I have that typical thing where I go on the websites for the stores I go into, and tend to forget about the ones that are just online or not in the shops close to home. So here are few of my favourites, I have picked up on reading blogs...

Boohoo - Pretty well known, but I had to include it! Up to date fashion for a reasonable price. What more could a girl ask for?

Forever 21 - Cool, American-style fashion. Perfect for casual SS12 clothes and doesn't stretch the budget!

Love hearts and crosses jewellery - Animal jewellery, plus much more. Need I say more?

Miss Guided - Fabulous fashion, at high street prices!

The list is endless..there are sooo many websites I could include but I would be here all year showing you their beautiful things! I love internet window shopping, but sometimes I am just to tight to part with the £5 postage and packaging. If I see something I love from an online store, you will probably find me scouring the streets of Manchester looking for something similar! I think I need to take up a second job to pay for this spending addiction...

Any hidden gems I should know about?

Katie x

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  1. I love, love, love that necklace from love hearts and crosses, I have seen it many times before and nearly bought it!
    I have put so many things into a virtual shopping list, that I have found on the internet which I shall buy at some point, most of it is on the wishlist over on my blog!

    1. If I got paid enough, I would be buying everything from love hearts and crosses! <3

  2. Im obsessed with internet window shopping too..despite the fact I never have money to spend online!
    Im the same about shipping, i like to look at them online then try to find something like it locally! So much handier than waiting days for it to come in the post aswell!


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